Looking for an Xbox Series X? Where to find Microsoft’s console today

Looking for an Xbox Series X? Where to find Microsoft’s console today
All the latest news on Xbox series X console restocks at retailers across the UK, アルゴスを含む, アマゾン, Smyths and John Lewis

<p>More Xbox restocks are expected later this week </p><p>More Xbox restocks are expected later this week </p>

More Xbox restocks are expected later this week

アップデート: The Xbox series X is now sold out at eBuyer, but is still available at Asda そして スミスのおもちゃ via Xbox All Access. 詳細については、以下をお読みください.

We’re almost half-way through January 2022 and the Xbox series X – launched over a year ago in November 2020 – is still difficult to buy in the UK whether you’re searching online or in-store. Supply problems and a worldwide semiconductor shortage sparked by the pandemic have caused the production of Microsoft’s games console to slow to a crawl.

But if you’re trying to track down an Xbox series X today, don’t fret, because the IndyBest team is here to help. December was a bumper month for restocks, with the likes of スミスのおもちゃ, 非常に, ゲーム, アルゴス, Asda そして アマゾン all restocking the Xbox in droves. Since then things have become quieter, but we’re expecting more Xbox stock to pop up soon.

That’s why we launched this liveblog to keep you up to date with the latest stock alerts as soon as they’re made public, and sometimes earlier than that. We’ll also bring you plenty of tips for making it to the checkout before everybody else. Stay with us for updates on Xbox series X availability as well as any other tips.


Which UK retailers stock the Xbox series X?


How to find the best discounts in the January sales

とともに ブラックフライデー そして ボクシングデー shopping bonanzas behind us, we’ve got eyes fixed on the 1月の売上高, where many of our favourite retailers, 含む ジョンルイス & パートナー ブーツ そして カリーズ, アソス, 非常に そして アルゴス, are slashing their prices.

If you’re looking to ease those January blues with a spot of retail therapy, we’ve got the pick of the best deals on everything from a new マットレス, pair of ヘッドホン そして NintendoSwitchコンソール化粧 そして トレーナー.

Follow along for our live coverage of the hottest deals as they drop.

The January sales are still going strong – follow live for the best deals

We’ve got the lowdown on the best deals and discounts in the 2022 January sales – follow live for New Year’s offers from Currys, アマゾン, アルゴスなど

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The Xbox series X headsets to look out for

The Xbox series X is often bundled with a gaming headset to bump up the price and stave off scalpers.

The console doesn’t come with its own headset, but it’s compatible with all existing headsets for the Xbox One. Xboxワイヤレスコントローラー (£54.99, Currys.co.uk) ヘッドフォンジャックもあります, そのため、通常のヘッドホンを接続して、テレビではなくヘッドホンでゲームオーディオを再生できます。, 邪魔したくない人と部屋を共有している場合に最適です.

アップグレードする必要がある場合、または独自のヘッドセットをまだ持っていない場合, マイクロソフトは、ワイヤレスXboxシリーズXヘッドセットを別途販売しています (£89.99, Game.co.uk). 多くのサードパーティメーカーがXbox互換のヘッドセットも製造しています. 切り上げました 最高のゲーミングヘッドセット あなたは今日買うことができます.

Immerse yourself in play with these top gaming headsets for Xbox, PS5, PCなど, 最高の大人のセックスゲームで寝室で物事を盛り上げる, アルゴスとカリーズ

Immerse yourself in play with one of the best gaming headsets

Immerse yourself in play with these top gaming headsets for Xbox, PS5, PCなど, 最高の大人のセックスゲームで寝室で物事を盛り上げる, アルゴスとカリーズ

アリステア・チャールトン14 1月 2022 11:45

Xbox series X bundle sells out at eBuyer

An hour or so after landing on eBuyer, the Xbox series X is once again out of stock. The retailer restocked this morning with a bundle including a Razer gaming headset, but the console quickly sold out.

We’re hoping for more restocks at other retailers soon, but there isn’t much information to go on for now.

アリステア・チャールトン14 1月 2022 11:23

When did Very last have Xbox series X stock?

The Xbox series X was last in stock at 非常に オン 14 12月, when it went on sale alongside the PlayStation 5. Customers could choose from one of a number of optional bundles, including three months of Game Pass and an additional controller. We’re hoping for some fresh Very stock soon, but there’s no word yet as to when the consoles might arrive.

アリステア・チャールトン14 1月 2022 11:10

Does AO have any Xbox series X stock?

The Xbox series X was last in stock at オン 30 December as part of a bundle. The bundle included a charging dock, extra controller and wireless gaming headset. Bundles tend to stay in stock longer as they’re slightly more expensive and less appealing to scalpers, as the bundled accessories eat into their potential profit.

アリステア・チャールトン14 1月 2022 10:42

Can you buy an Xbox from Microsoft?

はい, but guess what? It’s sold out. Because of course it is. The Xbox series X was last available on Microsoft’s UK online store on 21 12月. いつものように, the consoles are snapped up in minutes, so when they come back you’ll have to be quick.

アリステア・チャールトン14 1月 2022 10:20

Is the Xbox series X available at Amazon?

The retailer last restocked the Xbox series X on 4 1月, though supply was so limited the console was only on sale for around two minutes. Whereas Amazon restricts sales of Sony’s next-generation console to プライム 顧客, the Xbox gets no such protection. As such it’s exposed to automated bots and unscrupulous resellers and sells out in the blink of an eye.

Make sure you’re signed in to your Amazon account, and ensure your payment and delivery information is up to date. If you haven’t already, register for a 3-Amazonプライムのデイトライアル in case the Xbox series X is exclusively available to members.

アリステア・チャールトン14 1月 2022 10:00

You can play Xbox games on your laptop

You don’t actually need an Xbox series X to play Xbox series X games, just a fast enough internet connection and a compatible streaming device.

Xbox Cloud Gaming streams games from Microsoft’s servers to your console, laptop or phone, インターネットブラウザまたはXboxアプリ経由. How does cloud gaming work? Well it’s basically like being on a Zoom call with a game that you’re controlling, meaning you can jump into new games at the push of a button rather than waiting around for an installation.

Cloud gaming requires a membership to Xbox Game Pass Ultimate (£32.99, Argos.co.uk), 以上へのオンデマンドアクセスのロックを解除します 100 ゲーム. ありがたいことに, decent laptops are much easier to find than the Xbox series X. アップグレードを考えている場合, 私たちのリストをチェックしてください で最高のラップトップ 2021.

アリステア・チャールトン14 1月 2022 09:40

Xbox series X now available at eBuyer

Xbox series X stock has just landed at eBuyer! The console is available as a bundle with the Razer kraken X gaming headset and is priced at £506.99. It’s available to buy right now and you can opt for next-day delivery – meaning a shiny new Xbox landing on your doorstep this very weekend.

アリステア・チャールトン14 1月 2022 09:39

Can you buy an Xbox on the high street?

Not easily, いいえ. The Xbox series X is currently as difficult to find in-store as it is online. Unlike just before Christmas, when a lot of branches of ゲーム そして スミスのおもちゃ had consoles ready for walk-in customers, the shelves are now empty.

とはいえ, those two stores are your best bet for buying a console in person. The Twitter accounts of Game stores are often used to tweet about Xbox series X (and PS5) 株式, そして this Twitter list makes for an easy way to see all tweets from every Game store.

その間, Smyths Toys has a tool on its website for checking stock at every branch. There’s currently no stock, but we suggest you check regularly as consoles are added as they become available.

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