Looking for big savings on big TVs? These are the best early Black Friday deals

Looking for big savings on big TVs? These are the best early Black Friday deals
Sexta-feira preta 2021 is already underway, with deals to be had on big-screen, 65 inch televisions at Argos, Currys, Muito e mais.

We’re already veering towards the last week of November, and everyone knows what that means: Sexta-feira preta is almost upon us. Na verdade, several retailers including Amazonas, Currys, AO e Muito have already flung open their digital doors, with early deals and discounts to be had across a wide range of products.

Black Friday will see deals and discounts across a huge range of items, a partir de tecnologia e eletrodomésticos, para TVs, cosméticos, utensílios domésticos, brinquedos and much more, from retailers like Chuteiras, Brinquedos smyths e Argos.

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Tech is always a hot topic for Black Friday sales, and televisions in particular are where some of the best deals can be found. Black Friday is no longer punctuated by local news footage of shoppers fighting over enormous TVs at a minute past midnight, as it’s all online, but there are still plenty of discounts to take advantage of.

And since TVs are bigger than ever, we’re dedicating this guide to televisions measuring 65 polegadas. That may seem massive, and for many readers a 42in or even a 32in television doesn’t seem like that distant a memory. But times, they are a-changing, and 65in screens are quickly becoming the norm.

One thing to be aware of before we get started: TV product names are always long and complicated. Generally speaking, the first couple of letters are the model name, with the first numbers usually referring to the size of the screen in inches. Be careful to check the exact name of the TV you want to buy, and check if it is a model from 2020 ou 2021.

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Will there be 65 inch TV deals on Black Friday 2021?

sim, absolutamente. Televisions always receive healthy discounts for Black Friday, and larger 65in models will be no different. Na verdade, their usual high prices could mean huge discounts of hundreds of pounds. Retailers like Currys, Amazonas e Argos will be worth looking at for the best TV deals, and remember to look out for models from Samsung, LG and Sony, which are generally regarded as the best TV manufacturers.

Those looking to spend a little less on their 65in TV should look at brands like Hisense, TCL and electriQ, while Philips has Ambilight televisions with its clever back-lighting system.

Some retailers have already started to offer Black Friday deals on 65in TVs, which you can read more about further down this article.

When will Black Friday 65 inch TV deals start?

Agora! Como sempre, retailers have jumped the gun and begun offering deals ahead of Black Friday itself. The big day lands on 26 Novembro deste ano, com Cyber ​​Monday happening on 29 novembro. But retailers like Amazonas e Currys have already started their Black Friday sales, and these include deals on 65in televisions (plus those of other sizes, também).

There will be plenty of Black Friday sales to sink your teeth into between now and the big day itself, so brace yourselves for an entire fortnight of deals, discounts and other special offers on big-screen TVs.

If you’re looking for in-store Black Friday discounts on 65in TVs, then these tend to happen closer to the big day itself. Retailers don’t tend to open on the stroke of midnight anymore, but we can expect to see some in-store exclusives on TVs, especially at supermarkets and other retailers who aren’t usually known for selling televisions.

How much will 65 inch TVs cost on Black Friday?

Even if we stick to the one size of 65in, the price of televisions – and therefore what the sale prices might be – can vary a lot, depending on the manufacturer, features and specification. Prices can stretch from a little under £500 to over £2,000, while hitting almost every price point in-between.

We urge readers who are investing to look out for discounts on OLED televisions. These tend to be more expensive than televisions with more conventional LCD display panels, as they provide more vivid colours and deeper blacks, with improved contrast too. You can expect to save several hundred pounds on certain OLED models from LG during the Sexta-feira preta period. On that note, don’t confuse OLED with Samsung’s own QLED technology, which works in a similar way but uses a traditional LCD panel with LED backlighting.

Those on a tighter budget should look out for discounts on 65in televisions by Hisense. This company offers great value for money outside of the sales season, so any further reductions will make its TV prices seem even sweeter.

Como sempre, check the age and regular retail price of the television you intend to buy. Manufacturers and retailers tend to sell several generations of similar TVs at the same time, with the older models receiving the largest discounts during Black Friday. Make sure you’re aware of when the TV first launched, how much it used to cost, and whether there’s a better deal to be had on its successor.

Who has the best Black Friday 65 inch TV deals?

Discounts for Black Friday are likely to range from as little as £30 or £50, all the way to £500 or even more. We’ve seen some early Black Friday deals from Currys, with a huge £600 off the Samsung QE65QN94AATXXU (Was £2,299, agora £ 1.699, Currys.co.uk). We told you televisions have long names…

Also at Currys, we’ve seen a huge £500 saving on the LG OLED65A16LA (Was £1,799, agora £ 1.299, Currys.co.uk) and £100.99 off the JVC LT-65CF890 (Era £ 599,99, agora £ 499, Currys.co.uk). Enquanto isso, Amazon’s early Black Friday sales include over a £140 saving on the Hisense 65AE7400FTUK (Was £639, now £497.99, Amazon.co.uk) and £250 off the Hisense 65A7100FTUK (Was £7,499, agora £ 499, Amazon.co.uk).

Argos is also a good place to hunt out TV deals around Black Friday. The retailer is offering £50 off selected Samsung televisions with the discount code “SAMSUNG50”, and the 65in Samsung QE65Q60A is our pick of the bunch (£ 899, Argos.co.uk).

Muito has also started its Black Friday sales early, and currently has a huge £730 off the 2021 version of the Samsung Q80A QLED TV (Was £1,799, now £1,069, Very.co.uk). There’s also a £450 saving on the 2021 Samsung Q60A (Was £1,299, agora £ 849, Very.co.uk). If you’re after an OLED television from LG, Very has reduced the LG OLED65C14LB by £800 (Was £2,499, agora £ 1.699, Very.co.uk). por último, we’ve spotted a £301 saving on the Hisense 65A7GQTUK (Was £999, now £698, Very.co.uk).

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