Lord of the Rings fans think Amazon series is actually Silmarillion adaptation

Lord of the Rings fans think Amazon series is actually Silmarillion adaptation
‘I didn’t think they would go this far – this is Silmarillion First Age s***,’ wrote one Tolkien fan

Lord of the Rings fans are in a frenzy after spotting a never-before-seen location in the first image from Amazon’s new series.

Tidligere denne uken, the streaming service released the first official look at the expensive eight-part fantasy drama show, announcing it would be released in September 2022.

While fans commended the visuals as “gorgeous”, die-hard JRR Tolkien fans were quick to point out that, upon closer inspection, the image features what appears to be the Trees of Valinor.

This would suggest the series will be set in the First Age of Middle Earth, and not the Second Age as had been reported.

Valinor is a location that is often referenced in the novels, but has never been seen in any adaptation to date.

For those who don’t know, the trees, officially named Laurelin and Telperion, were created by archangels, known as Valar, to light the planet of Arda. Faktisk, they provided the first beams of light in Tolkien’s universe.

Eventually, the trees were poisoned, with their last flowers becoming the sun and the moon.

‘Lord of the Rings’ fans spot Trees of Valinor in first-look image

Others noted how the inclusion of the Trees of Valinor could lead to an adaptation of Tolkien’s posthumous release The Silmarillion. This is due to the fact that the remainder of the trees’ light was caught in three jewels, referred to as Silmarils. These jewels are the focus of The Silmarillion.

Author Ebony Elizabeth Thomas wrote: “Just burst into tears. This isn’t some remake of the Hobbit or the LOTR trilogythis looks like a scene from THE SILMARILLION.”

Other fans of The Silmarillion expressed their excitement that the image looks like it’s ripped directly from its pages, with @Josh2Gud4U writing: “This is f***ing wild cus I didn’t think they would go this far. This is Silmarillion First Age s***.”

The Lord of the Rings will arrive on Amazon Prime Video in September 2022.

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