Louise Minchin explains why she is leaving BBC Breakfast after 20 years

Louise Minchin explains why she is leaving BBC Breakfast after 20 years
Presenter’s last episode airs today

Louise Minchin has opened up about the reasons behind her forthcoming departure from BBC Breakfast.

The long-term presenter announced in June that she would be stepping down from hosting the BBC morning show, 20 years after first joining.

Ahead of her last episode on Wednesday (15 September), Minchin shared why she was leaving the show for good.

The 53-year-old said that she had begun struggling with the early starts after taking time off to recover from an ankle operation last year.

“In December I’d taken three, four weeks off work because of an ankle operation and I had that period to realise that when I’m not getting up at 3:40am in the morning, I’m doing all sorts of things in the evening that I want to be doing – like just watching telly with my family, doing that kind of family stuff…” she told The Daily Mirror.

“I think it was coming out of winter into this period that the decision was made.”

Minchin also said that lockdown had made her realise that she “really struggled” with the early hours, adding: “I have found them really hard.”

She said that she looks forward to getting to spend the mornings with her family.

Ahead of her last show, co-host Dan Walker shared a tweet celebrating Minchin’s time on BBC Breakfast on Tuesday evening (14 September).

“I can’t believe it has come about so quickly [smile-cry emojis],” he wrote.

“After five-and-a-half years sharing a sofa with this wonderful woman… tomorrow is @louiseminchin’s last day on #BBCBreakfast. I hope you can join us to say ‘goodbye’.”


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