Louise Thompson speaks out about ‘absolutely devastating’ house fire

Louise Thompson speaks out about ‘absolutely devastating’ house fire
‘If the fire engines arrived 5 minutes later, things would have been different,’ says former reality TV star

Louise Thompson has revealed that she and her fiancé Ryan Libbey had been involved in a “devastating” house fire at her 母亲, Karen’s, house.

Speaking about the incident on Instagram Stories 星期六, Thompson, who is pregnant with her first child with Libbey, explained that she had been staying at her mother’s house while renovations were being carried out on her home.

“Morning guys. A few of you have noticed we have been offline since Wednesday,” the former Made in Chelsea star began.

“Contrary to popular opinion (thanks for your well wishes) I haven’t gone into labour, but we were involved in a bad house fire in the middle of the night.

“Thankfully myself, Ryan, my mum and the dogs are all OK.”

The 31-year-old went on to describe what happened earlier this week.

“It was an absolutely devastating experience but we managed to get out with minimal damage to our health (including the dogs who we lost in the blinding smoke at one point).

“The emergency services were incredible and arrived in two minutes. Still probably in shock as it was pretty scary, and could have ended in a different outcome but we will get through it and be grateful for our luck.

“A big wake up call as to what is really important in life.”

Thompson concluded her message by describing the “sheer power” of fire and thanking the firemen who rescued her.

“If the fire engines had arrived five minutes later then things would have looked very different,“ 她写了.

“Until you have experienced this type of fire first hand I don’t think you understand the sheer power of it. As someone someone who is very fit and able bodied I always thought I was invincible and could escape any fight or flight scenario.

“Well let me roll with you, you CANNOT escape the power of fire. The thick chemical smoke travelled so fast throughout the house which meant that within seconds it was impossible to see or breathe. You literally have seconds to make a decision.”

她继续: “The only place that offers safety is outside where you have the capacity to run away to safe air away from flame and smoke.

“I now understand why people have to jump out of buildings because they have NO other option and that is a scenario that has been going round and round in my headit breaks my heart.”

Thompson concluded by urging people to pay attention to fire drills.

“I urge you guys to check your fire and smoke alarms TODAY because without them we might not have woken up and there may not have been an escape route out.

“I also urge you guys to pay attention whenever you are taken through a fire drill or moving somewhere new or even staying at a hotel. There should be fire signs on the back of a door. It’s important to know what your options are.”


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