Love Island newcomer Chloe divides the villa and sparks Maura comparisons

Love Island newcomer Chloe divides the villa and sparks Maura comparisons
Fans were also quick to raise their eyebrows at villa newcomer’s ‘seductive’ voice

ラブアイランド newcomer Chloe has drawn a mixed reaction from her fellow contestants.

The smash hit ITV2 show is back, and its second episode saw the arrival of Chloe Burrows, a 25-year-old marketing executive tasked with coupling up with one of the boys currently in the villa – in the process leaving another girl single.

“I love flirting and I love attention,” Chloe said at one point. エピソードの前半, she said that her ideal type would have “a really sexy mouth” that “looks a bit nasty”.

“I feel like the queen of ラブアイランド,” she boasted later on. “You can tell the girls are annoyed.”

While many of the guys appeared head over heels within seconds of meeting Chloe, with Jake in particular telling her that she is absolutely his type, the girls were less impressed.

Faye was quick to express amusement at Chloe’s rather unique drawl, calling it “so bait” as she overheard the villa newcomer seductively beckoning the boys to meet her. 自由, その間, was bowled over by her looks. “Chloe is stunning!" 彼女は言いました. “She’s literally unreal – I do think I could be in danger.”

Twitter上で, ラブアイランド viewers were quick to puzzle over Chloe’s voice. “Chloe’s voice is sewww annoying,」と1人のファンが書いた. “Chloe’s voice is so annoying,」別の追加. “It’s like a constant attempt [で] seduction.”

“Love Island” star Chloe Burrows

There were also a number of comparisons made to ラブアイランド icon Maura Higgins, who was similarly introduced after her series had already begun.

“Chloe is making me realise that no bombshell will ever out-bombshell [Maura],” tweeted one viewer.

Writer Bolu Babalola added: “Chloe can’t even be a villain right. Miss you Maura xo.”

Find out more about Chloe ここに.

ラブアイランド screens every night at 9pm on ITV2.


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