Love Island viewers urge ITV2 to sway Millie from Liam after latest recoupling

Love Island viewers urge ITV2 to sway Millie from Liam after latest recoupling
‘This has been way to easy for him’

Île de l'amour viewers are urging ITV to step in to prevent Millie from staying with Liam.

The latest episode of the ITV2 show saw Millie decide to recouple with Liam, despite the fact he was exposed for kissing another girl in Casa Amor.

Liam decided to stay with Millie, leaving new addition Lillie behind.

After Liam returned to the villa, looking victorious, Lillie was then invited in. When asked by host Laura Whitmore how she felt, Lillie explained how she was shocked by Liam’s decision as he had been entertaining the idea of ditching Millie.

Liam spent the following days grovelling, attempting to get back into an upset Millie’s good books. After a gesture that saw him deliver a speech in front of the entire villa, in which he called Millie his “soulmate”, she agreed that it was “one step forward”.

Viewers, mais, were left suffering from “second-hand embarrassment”.

When it came to the recoupling, Millie picked Liam, acknowledging that they would have to take things slow.

pourtant, this didn’t stop viewers from stepping in, frustrated that Liam appears to have got away with his disloyal behaviour. Many questioned the message it sends younger viewers, while some asked ITV to urgently send in a new boy in the hopes that it will sway Millie’s attention.

Millie and Liam on ‘Love Island

Writer Jason Okundaye tweeté: “This has been way too easy for Liam, they need to bring in a man that’s 6’8 for Millie to scatter everything.”

Another fan added: “I hope a new boy comes in and Liam has to watch Millie with someone else”

Île de l'amour continues nightly, sauf le samedi, on ITV2 and ITV Hub.

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