Love Island’s Abigail raises eyebrows after choosing Chris Brown as her celebrity crush

Love Island’s Abigail raises eyebrows after choosing Chris Brown as her celebrity crush
‘That’s a big red flag,’ said one viewer

Île de l'amour fans are reeling after new contestant Abigail made some interesting choices for her “celebrity crush”.

Tattoo artist Abigail was one of three bombshells to arrive on the island in last night’s (Mercredi 21 juillet) épisode, along with Georgia and Tyler.

As she got to know her fellow islanders, Abigail was asked about her celebrity crushes, and named Chris Brown et Zac Efron.

“Girl, it’s 2021 not 2011,” commented journalist Diyora Shadijanova.

“Chris Brown? That’s a big red flag!” another viewer wrote.

“Her type is 14-year-old me’s type,” one fan joked.

Many raised their eyebrows over the choice of singer Brown in particular, given his various controversies over the years.

Just last month it was reported that the 32-year-old was being investigated for battery, after Los Angeles police responded to an alleged incident at his home in the San Fernando Valley.

A police spokesperson said Brown was accused of hitting an unnamed woman during an argument.

He was previously convicted in 2009 for assaulting his then-girlfriend, the artist Rihanna, at a pre-Grammys party.

He was sentenced to five years probation, one year of domestic violence counselling, and six months of community service. He was also given a five year restraining order that required him to stay 50 feet away from Rihanna at all times – reduced to 10 at public events.

Former High School Music star Efron most recently starred as serial killer Ted Bundy in the 2020 feature film Extremely Wicked, Shockingly Evil and Vile.

Île de l'amour continues each night at 9pm on ITV2.

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