Made in Chelsea, Louise Thompson «choquée» par le ventre nu enlevé par Instagram

Made in Chelsea, Louise Thompson «choquée» par le ventre nu enlevé par Instagram
The social media platform said the photograph went against their community guidelines on nudity

Louise Thompson’s photograph of her pregnancy bump has been removed by Instagram for going against the platform’s community guidelines.

le Made in Chelsea Star, 31, is currently expecting her first enfant with her fiancé, Ryan Libbey.

In a now-deleted post to her Instagram stories, which was seen and captured by Métro, Thompson shared a naked photograph of her growing baby bump.

The focus of the photograph, taken while she lay in bed, was the size of her bump as she revealed that she is now in her third trimester.

She covered both of her breasts with her arm. “Time to get this big old belly up," elle a écrit.

“I have an NHS growth scan this morning to make sure our baby is getting enough nutrients during my third trimester ulcerative colitis,” she told followers.

Ulcerative colitis is a long-term condition in which the lower end of the digestive system, such as the colon and rectum, become inflamed.

Small ulcers can develop in the colon’s lining and cause symptoms including stomach aches and diarrhoea.

Mais, in a later story, the reality TV star and fitness influencer revealed that the photograph had been removed by Instagram for “adult sexual solicitation”.

“Shocked that Instagram removed a story of my pregnant body because it goes against community guidelines," elle a dit, sharing a screenshot of an Instagram notification.

Louise Thompson’s Instagram story

“Sorry if anyone found that offensive," elle a ajouté, alongside a sticker of a woman shrugging her arms.

Plus tôt cette semaine, Thomspon and Libby revealed that they are expecting a baby boy. In a video shared on social media, Thompson threw a baseball ball to her partner, which burst into blue when it was hit by Libbey.

Congratulations from their Made In Chelsea co-stars and celebrity friends poured in.

“Crying. I’m so obsessed with this,” Zara McDermott, who is currently dating Thompson’s brother, Sam, a écrit.

“This is so special. Congratulations darling,” actor Michelle Keegan commented.

Thomspon announced that she was pregnant in an Instagram post in June, writing that “even the baggiest of jumpers” could no longer hide her growing bump.

“This week I’ve had a few people congratulate me when out and about in public (lovely ladies at the grocery store etc.) and now I can see whythere’s no hiding this bump even in the baggiest of jumpers," elle a écrit.

En mars, Thompson revealed that she and Libbey, who became engaged in 2018, had suffered a “devastating miscarriage” earlier this year.

“Earlier this year we lost our baby and it was HARD. I had no idea that it was possible to love someone that I’d never met quite SO MUCH,” she told her Instagram followers.

“From the moment I saw the lines on the pregnancy test I started to build an emotional connection and my whole world changed, and for that to be taken away was devastating.

“It just wasn’t meant to be, et, espérons, it will create space for something beautiful in the future," elle a dit.

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