MAGA fans mocked for ‘Australia Has Fallen’ hashtag

MAGA fans mocked for ‘Australia Has Fallen’ hashtag
Tennis star’s deportation caused fierce debate between vaccinated and vaccine-sceptics

Donald Trump supporters have been mocked by Australians on mídia social after dozens tweeted “Austrália Has Fallen” following the departure of Novak Djokovic.

The Australian government forced Djokovic to depart the country on Sunday after an almost week-long saga involving the unvaccinated tennis star.

Trump sympathisers or so called “MAGA” supporters tweeted in support of Djokovic on Monday as Australia’s biggest tennis tournament got underway without the Serbian.

“Anyone who talks s*** about Novak is weaker than p***,” one Twitter user argued. “Because none of you have come close to his generosity and kindness. Pathetic little germs all of you.”

Outro escreveu: “It’s actually a win for Novak Djokovic to get away from this prison named Australia.”

Australians, who have been among the most policed during the coronavirus pandemic, were largely angry that Djokovic sought a medical exemption from being vaccinated after two years of restrictions.

International tourism is still banned, and right-wing politicians in the United States have been critical of the Scott Morrison government’s approach to dealing with Covid.

Djokovic, quem era not vaccinated against Covid before flying into Australia, was issued with an immigration visa by Australian authorities but had it revoked after a public outcry.

The Serbian lost his appeal and will be unable to defend his Australian Open título.

Many in Australia and across the world accused him of flouting the country’s rules on Covid, having sought the medical exemption while being aware of the rules for entering the country .

“Just checked out my window. Não, Australian has not fallen. But for all you MAGAts, I will pop down to the beach to make sure,” tweeted one Australian in response to the “Australia Has Fallen” hashtag.

“AustraliaHasFallen is trending and I’m sitting here thinking what the f*** happened while I was in the shower, but it’s just the anti vax crowd still complaining about Novak Djokovic,” wrote another. “Australia has not fallen. Stop spreading bull*** along with Covid for f*** sake.”

“The majority of AustraliaHasFallen over laughing at this hashtag,” tweetou a third person. “To all those who vow never to visit here because we deported a tennis player for failing the requirements to qualify to play in the Australian Open, we consider that another WIN!”

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