Majority of UK adults attempting to be more sustainable, says poll

Majority of UK adults attempting to be more sustainable, says poll
Parents who were surveyed said they think sustainable actions will have a lasting impact throughout their childrens’ lives

Six in 10 Britons have tried to be more sustainable than ever before in 2021 – with many purchasing reusable shopping bags, coffee cups and even rechargeable batteries for the first time this year.

The poll of 2,000 adults discovered more than a fifth have made 2021 the year they ensure everything that can be recycled is, with many of those spurred on by images of plastic on beaches and in oceans.

Others have attended a local litter pick for the first time, and encouragingly, 58 per cent believe that the eco-firsts they have introduced are not one-offs.

Of the parents surveyed, many think these sustainable actions will have a lasting impact throughout their child’s life.

In fact, some have become greener this year after being inspired by their little ones.

The survey was commissioned to launch the new TV series of Fireman Sam, on 4th October on Cartoonito, which incorporates a sustainability and marine conservation theme, teaching young tots how to look after the environment.

Helen Genia, a spokesperson from the Fireman Sam show said: “It is incredibly encouraging to learn about the eco-friendly changes the nation has already made this year.

“Our new series introduces eco-friendly messages and lessons which we hope will encourage and inspire our young viewers and their families to continue to make sustainable changes and a positive difference to our planet.”

The study also found 45 per cent are determined to introduce even more eco-firsts in the future – with soap bars and natural cleaning products ranked among the top items which will be making into shopping trollies.

More than three in 10 are committed to repairing items rather than buying new while others want to see out the year by grow their own food for the first time.

It also revealed how people are looking to look after the environment even when they go on holiday.

This summer, half of those polled went on a staycation – with many of these visiting a beach during their trip.

Of those that ventured to the sandy shores of the UK, 71 per cent claimed they were ‘excellent’ at taking their litter away with them.

Several said they made an increased effort to be green and sustainable during their trip this year.

Unfortunately, more than a third claimed to have seen more litter than usual on the beaches this year.

Holidaymakers even stated that PPE, such as face masks and gloves, were more prominent among the litter on beaches, as 34 per cent witnessed a ‘significant’ amount of it discarded.

To mark the launch of the new TV show Fireman Sam has teamed up with the Marine Conservation Society, and with the help of primary students at Bearwood Primary School in Poole, Dorset, took part in the charities ‘Great British Beach Clean Up’.



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