Mandy & Myrtle baffles viewers who call it ‘beyond doubt the worst show ever made’

Mandy & Myrtle baffles viewers who call it ‘beyond doubt the worst show ever made’
Mockumentary stars Leigh Francis as Amanda Holden’s grandmother

The Holden Girls: Mandy & Myrtle arrived on E4 last night (7 September), and viewers were quite baffled by it.

The new mockumentary follows Amanda Holden, her family and her grandmother, Myrtle, who is played by Keith Lemon star Leigh Francis.

Its plot revolves around Holden – known for being a judge on Britain’s Got Talent – as she persuades her lonely grandmother to relocate from Doncaster to live with her in her London home.

Viewers were not impressed. “I caught less than ten seconds of #mandyandmyrtle but that was more than enough for me to know with some degree of certainty that it is beyond doubt the worst show ever made,” tweeted one person.

“Is this really what entertainment has come to #mandyandmyrtle FFS!” added another.

One Twitter user joked that “whoever greenlit this show should be imprisoned”.

In June, Holden felt compelled to declare she is “not a conspiracy theorist” as she shared her frustration at the extension of lockdown in the UK.

The BGT star had shared a poster advertising an anti-lockdown protest taking place in London that month.

Earlier in the year, she was reported to police for breaking lockdown rules.

Holden had travelled from her home in London to her parents’ home in Cornwall, after receiving a “distressing” phone call from her father.

Under February’s lockdown rules, people were only allowed to leave their homes for a select number of reasons, including to buy essential items, or to exercise.

According to The Sun, neighbours of Holden’s parents allegedly “reported the TV star to police” upon her arrival in the area.

In a statement, Holden’s agent said that “on balance” their client felt the trip was necessary.


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