Many Saints of Newark director shares clue to knowing Tony’s fate in The Sopranos

Many Saints of Newark director shares clue to knowing Tony’s fate in The Sopranos
Alan Taylor suggested specific lines of dialogue settle the debate

De mange hellige i Newark director Alan Taylor has shed some light on Tony Soprano’s fate.

HBO serieSopranos ended in 2007 with a finale that continues to be meticulously analysed to this day. It depicts a seemingly ordinary restaurant scene between Tony (James Gandolfini) and his family, which ends with the screen cutting to black.

Following its broadcast, many assumed this symbolised the show’s protagonist getting whacked, but the debate rages on.

skredder, director of the prequel film, has now given his verdict on Tony’s fate while speaking to The Hollywood Reporter – and highlights a clue presented in “Blue Comet”, a season six episode he directed.

“I have to go with dead Tony," han sa, legge til: “There are too many signifiers.”

“The most important thing for me, jeg tror, is that in the entire history of Sopranos, there is only one line of dialogue that has ever been played a second time as a voiceover, and that’s when Bobby Baccalieri says you don’t hear the bullet [when you’re killed]… “

Another moment hinting that Tony does indeed get killed occurs in “Stage Five”, another season six episode.

When Silvio (Stephen Van Zandt) discusses the point-blank shooting of Jerry Torciano (John Bianco) over dinner, han sier: “The scary thing was that I didn’t know what happened until the shot was fired.”

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Creator David Chase, who keeps his cards close to his chest when it comes to discussing the finale, seemed to accidentally reveal what actually happened while being interviewed for book The Sopranos Sessions.

Another of the acclaimed drama’s mysteries – the whereabouts of “Pine Barrens” character Valery – was set to be cleared up in season six until Chase decided to remove the scene.

De mange hellige i Newark is in cinemas now and Sopranos is available to watch on NOW.

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