Mare of Easttown fans dismayed after HBO Max goes down right before finale

Mare of Easttown fans dismayed after HBO Max goes down right before finale
Viewers joked mystery drama had more influence than last week’s Friends reunion

American fans of Kate Winslet’s show 东镇母马 were devastated after HBO’s stream of the finale was disrupted by a technical error.

Viewers tuning in joked that the servers may have been brought down due to the show’s popularity, claiming it had more influence than HBO Max’s 朋友们 团圆.

Others simply shared their reactions to the show being interrupted just as they were waiting to learn whether Winslet’s detective, Mare Sheehan, will discover who murdered a local teenage mother.

Since debuting in April, the show has garnered critical acclaim and a huge fanbase both in the US and the UK.

Among the series’ more famous fans is horror writer Stephen King, who said he had a “suspect in mind” after the penultimate episode aired.

“Kate Winslet is killing it,” he added in a tweet.

In an interview with 好莱坞报道, series creator Brad Ingelsby said he was unsure if there was potential for a second series.

“If we could crack a story that we were really proud of and felt like it was a deserving second chapter in Mare’s journey, then maybe,“ 他说.

“I haven’t cracked that yet; I don’t know what that is, honestly. But if there was a world in which we were convinced, this is a continuation of the story that honours the first chapter and does things and audience will appreciate, then maybe. But as of right now, I have no idea what that could be.”

东镇母马 finale airs in the UK tonight at 9pm on Sky Atlantic.


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