Marilyn Manson accused of sexual assault and sexual battery by ex-girlfriend in new lawsuit

Marilyn Manson accused of sexual assault and sexual battery by ex-girlfriend in new lawsuit
Woman alleges that Manson forced her to watch a gruesome video, after which she feared for her life

An ex-girlfriend of Marilyn Manson has accused the shock rocker of rape and “further degrading acts” of exploitation and abuse.

The woman – referred to as “Jane Doe” – is the latest to come forward with accusations against Manson after his former partner Evan Rachel Wood named him as her alleged abuser in February.

Manson – real name Brian Warner – has categorically denied all accusations.

*The following interview contains graphic references to sexual assault that some readers may find upsetting*

As reported by 最后期限, in a new lawsuit filed Friday (28 可能) in LA, the woman alleges that Manson subjected her to “degrading acts of sexual exploitation, manipulation and psychological abuse”.

During their relationship – which began in 2011, a year after Manson’s split with Wood – the woman claims Manson showed her a gruesome video tape titled “Groupie”, which the singer said he filmed in 1996 after a concert at the Hollywood Bowl.

On the tape, the woman claims to have seen a “seemingly young teenage fan” crying while being berated by Manson who allegedly threatens her with a gun and forces her to drink a glass of urine.

The woman said that the video left her scared for her own life. 根据 TMZ, a source close to the singer claimed the video was “a scripted short film to be used for a future project that was never officially released”.

Amid multiple claims of continued sexual assault, she accused Manson of raping her when she went to return a key to his home in 2011. After the alleged rape, the woman claims he threatened to kill her. She alleges that he told her he would “get away with it” if he did.

独立 has contacted a representative of Manson’s for comment.

Recently, actor Esmé Bianco sued Manson and his former manager Tony Ciulla. Bianco, best known for playing Ros in HBO’s 权力的游戏, alleged that the singer raped and sexually battered her.

The complaint also alleged that Manson, Ciulla and Ciulla’s management company violated human trafficking laws by bringing her from London to Los Angeles under the assumption that she would be acting in a music video that never came out and a film that was never produced.

Bianco first went public with her claims against Manson in February, describing the alleged abuse she experienced when they dated in 2011.

In the wake of the allegations from multiple women, Manson has been dropped from his record label, Loma Vista. His booking agent CAA and longtime manager Ciulla also announced it had severed ties with him.

Manson’s appearances in the TV series American GodsCreepshow anthology have also since been removed.

It was reported on Wednesday (26 可能) that an arrest warrant for Manson has been issued by New Hampshire police after the performer allegedly failed to answer pending charges for a 2019 incident involving a videographer.

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