Meet Emily Carter, whose hand-drawn scarves are literal works of art

Meet Emily Carter, whose hand-drawn scarves are literal works of art
From sketch to stitch: Inside the wonderfully detailed world of luxury accessories designer, Emily Carter

When world leaders met in Glasgow for the 26th Conference of the Parties (COP26), the underlying message was clear – the world needs to do better to protect our planet from irreversible environmental damage. While everyday measures – from recycling and avoiding single-use plastics – make a difference on an individual basis, entire industries have a role in adopting better practices, and every enterprise needs to play its part.

Leading the way towards positive change is Emily Carter London, who holds responsible and ethical practice at its very heart. Selling unique, intricately crafted designs in the form of fine prints, silk scarves, cushions and more, at stores such as Selfridges and Liberty London – this British brand is driven by beautiful artistry and quality production. The woman behind the venture, artist and entrepreneur Emily Carter, launched the business seven years ago during her final year at university.

Formed out of a deep love for the environment – Emily dreamed of one day becoming a marine biologist – and a desire to drive change away from the fast-fashion industry and towards quality creations, Emily says her ethical values are what makes her line of accessories so successful.

“My business reflects everything I believe in," hun sier. “Crafting is such an important part of what I do and it’s intrinsic to my personal values. I’ve always had such a passion for creative work, and I instinctively combined that with the natural world because that’s where my interest lies.”

Emily’s designs are intricate portrayals of nature’s vast and complex beauty – and with such coordinated detail and precision in her artwork, it’s no wonder products such as the Hummingbird Temple Silk Scarf (£220) og Sunflower Garden Silk Scarf (£195) are her current best-sellers.

<p>The Hummingbird Temple Silk Scarf </s>

The Hummingbird Temple Silk Scarf

Once devised, each product is lovingly tailored by local professionals, with the printing and finishing processes completed by hand. “If something is made properly, it should last a very long time,” says Emily, adding that the business’ foundations are built on hand-drawing at every stage, and the products are made in England.

<p>The Sunflower Garden Silk Scarf </s>

The Sunflower Garden Silk Scarf

Emily’s environmentally-conscious approach is threaded through every stage of the design and production process, with her goal “to have as little impact as possible, while still creating something really beautiful” and her sustainability policy proudly displayed on her website.

“I’m conscious of waste, which is why I decided to only make limited numbers of each product,”Forklarer hun. “In addition, all my products are made in England, by a team of just five tailors. That reduces transport emissions. The packaging – right down to the smallest detail – is recyclable and biodegradable where possible.”

With consumerism and fast fashion at the forefront of our environmental crisis, Emily says it’s vital for companies, who are genuine about pushing for positive change, to lead towards a better industry. “I am very transparent about how I work, and I think customers trust what I’m selling because they can see the authenticity in my outlook," hun sier.

Which is why Emily hopes to continue inspiring consumers to invest in stunning, quality goods. “I hope people will see the importance in buying something they can wear for the rest of their lives or a gift that they can give to someone to keep forever,” she shares. “Products may be priced a little higher because they are hand-drawn and handmade and will last a long time. I am quietly confident that the world is changing, and more and more people are seeing the value in quality.”

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