Mena Suvari elaborates upon ‘strange and eerie’ Kevin Spacey experience on American Beauty set

Mena Suvari elaborates upon ‘strange and eerie’ Kevin Spacey experience on American Beauty set
Suvari said Spacey had been ‘professional’ until ‘that day turned into something different’

Mena Suvari has elaborated upon and “strange and eerie” experience she had with Kevin Spacey on the set of American Beauty.

The actor appeared in Sam Mendes’ 1999 film, written by Alan Ball, as Angela, the best friend of Spacey’s character’s teenage daughter.

Days after vertel People Magazine that Spacey had laid down “close” to Suvari in preparation for their scene together, the actor has now opened up further about the “odd” experience while talking to The Sunday Times Magazine.

“Between set-ups, Kevin took me into a small room with a bed and we laid next to each other, me facing towards him while he held me lightly," sy het gese.

“I wondered if he had discussed this with Sam [Mendes] or if it was something he premeditated as a way to prepare both of us for the intimacy we needed to share or if it was a spur-of-the-moment idea,” she continued, toevoeging: “Whatever it was, it worked.”

Suvari described the encounter as “strange and eerie, but also calm and peaceful”, acknowledging that she accepted “his gentle caresses” as she had been “so used to being open and eager for affection that it felt food to just be touched”.

The actor continued by saying that she “immediately” thought Spacey “was interested” in her, stating: “I didn’t know how far he was going to take it or how I was going to react if he did go there. But he didn’t. We just lay there, getting close and comfortable.”

Suvari said it was “such a genius move on his part” as “it got the outcome” required for their scene together.

“There wasn’t a conversation either. It just happened. It was just a moment. It was a lunch break. And it was peaceful and quiet. And it was the care and consideration that Angela – and Mena – really needed.”

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Kevin Spacey and Mena Suvari in ‘American Beauty’

Suvari said that Spacey had been “cool” and “professional” before then, claiming “that day turned into something different”.

Spacey has been accused by multiple men of sexual misconduct, which he has categorically denied. No charges have been brought against him.

Suvari’s new book, The Great Peace: A Memoir by Mena Suvari (Hachette), is released on 12 Augustus.

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