Metallica fans want to buy a Lars Ulrich toilet

Metallica fans want to buy a Lars Ulrich toilet
Toilet can be found at The Brass Mug, a music venue in Florida

Metallica le batteur Lars Ulrich has had a toilet made in his likeness.

Created with plaster, the toilet depicts Ulrich in Metallica’s Eighties heyday with long hair and a cut-off T-shirt emblazoned with his name in the band’s iconic typeface.

The toilet, which is fully functional, will be available for use at The Brass Mug, a music venue in Tampa, Florida that is known for being a home for metal bands.

It is being displayed as part of an immersive art display of toilet-related art.

The piece was created by musician and artist Prince Midnight, who has made other unique items such as a guitar out of bones and a Minor Threat toilet seat.

Metallica fans have been reacting to the toilet on social media.

One fan joked on Twitter: “The Lars Ulrich toilet is real and I want to use it.”

Another cracked: “What’s up babe? You’ve hardly used your Lars Ulrich toilet.”

Electronic band Posthuman tweeted: “You’re not a real music fan unless you have a toilet sculpture of your favourite artist or band member.”

One user also joked: “I’m going to have nightmares about this Lars Ulrich toilet.”

Ulrich and the other members of Metallica have not yet commented on the toilet’s existence.

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