Mexico softball player apologises after team jerseys left in trash in Tokyo

Mexico softball player apologises after team jerseys left in trash in Tokyo
Team had been criticised by Mexican boxer Brianda Tamara Cruz Sandoval

Mexico softball player Danielle O’Toole has apologised and explained how the team’s jerseys ended up left behind in the trash in Tokyo’s Olympic Village.

The team has come under fire from fellow Mexican athletes for the undignified treatment of the uniforms, some of which were found by boxer Brianda Tamara Cruz Sandoval.

“All of us who are Mexican athletes yearn to wear it with dignity, and today sadly the Mexican softball team left it in the Olympic Village’s trash,” she wrote on Twitter.

O’Toole, who finished out of the medals in fourth place with the team,  has now responded to the criticism in an Instagram post.

“None of my teammates threw their jerseys away,” she said.

“It has been heartbreaking to see how many of you are disappointed and hurt by actions I truly meant no harm in doing.

“The amount of hateful and threatening comments all of us have received from people assuming that we threw everything away has been overwhelming.”

And she said that she had tried to have the jerseys posted back to the country.

“I am taking responsibility for leaving some Lining clothing in Tokyo. I asked the postal service in the village if they ship boxes internationally and they said letters only,” she added.

“We should have asked more questions, looked into donating, anything except leave them the way we did and for that I am extremely sorry. From the bottom of my heart.

“I tried very hard to fit as much as I could … clothing, toiletries, and items of sentimental value into the one suitcase that was allowed. Still, there is no justifying it, we could have done more. I am sorry, and hope that you all can accept my apology.”

Mexico lost its bronze medal game 3-2 to Canada.

“Wearing Mexico across my chest has been an honor and a privilege,” O’Toole added.

“I would never throw anything away with malicious intent or to disrespect the country we worked so hard for. I chose to represent Mexico. I am grateful to my family who came to the US and worked hard so I could have this life.

“Before this story circulated, we as a team were receiving love, heartfelt messages, and we could feel your positivity radiate through.

“I have never wanted anything more in my life than to make sure that we brought a medal back to Mexico.”


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