Michael Caine ‘not retiring’ despite calling film role his ‘last part’

Michael Caine ‘not retiring’ despite calling film role his ‘last part’
Actor remarked how there are few leading roles for someone his age

Michael Caine’s representatives have apparently refuted reports that the actor is retiring from film.

During an interview with Simon Mayo, the veteran British star caused a stir by referring to the recently released comedy-drama Best Sellers as “his last part”.

“Because I haven’t worked for two years and I have a spine problem which affects my legs so I can’t walk very well," il a dit. “And I also wrote a couple of books which were published and were successful, so I’m now not an actor, I’m a writer.”

He suggested he may have been joking, as he added: “There’s not exactly scripts pouring out with a leading man who’s 88.”

His representatives later confirmed to The Wrap that he is not fully retiring.

Caine, who began acting in 1950, has more than 130 film credits to his name.

He is widely expected to have a role in Christopher Nolan’s next project, Oppenheimer, about the life of theoretical physicist J Robert Oppenheimer.

The film is due to begin shooting next year, with Caine’s Inception et The Dark Knight co-star Cillian Murphy in the lead role.

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