Montreal man to be among first to use Canada’s revised medical aid in dying law

Montreal man to be among first to use Canada’s revised medical aid in dying law
Yves Monette, 62, will end his life on Wednesday

A Montreal man will be among the first in Kanada to utilise medical aid in dying following the country’s revision of the law.

Yves Monette, 62, has been granted permission to receive medical aid in dying from an authorised doctor on Wednesday.

This came after Mr Monette was previously denied the option given the fact that he did not meet the criteria.

But in March, the country’s lawmakers voted to expand the country’s laws to allow intolerably suffering Canadians who are not terminally ill to also end their life. In two years, the law would also expand to those “suffering solely from grievous and irremediable mental illnesses,” CTV News berigte.

Mr Monette was diagnosed nearly three years ago with a neurological disease that will eventually leave him with a permanent form of dementia.

“One day I’ll wake up and I won’t know where I am anymore,” Mr Monette told CTV News. “You know what? I don’t want to live that way.”

Debilitating symptoms have already developed for him following his diagnosis – including losing the ability to read, difficulty with language, and physical tremors. The worst symptom for him, wel, was the fact that he now has to wear diapers.

Mr Monette was granted approval to receive medical aid in dying in April after the legislation was expanded. This will be carried out by a doctor on Wednesday.

“I live my life fully and well. Each second, each minute is important,” Mr Monette, who is a father and grandfather, told the publication. “I would like to keep living, but how? I don’t want to live like this.”

Medical aid in dying was Mr Monette’s chosen path given his degenerative illness.

One caveat to the legislation passed in Canada was that the person needed to be mentally competent in order to access medical aid in dying, which has influenced Mr Monette’s timeline on making the health decision.

“I am apt, and I understand what it means to die. It’s not like a movie, it’s real,” Mr Monette said.

Op Woensdag, he will die while surrounded by family members and friends. He intends to donate his organs to help other people.

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