Mordaunt wins backing of Ukrainian MPs in bid to become new Tory leader

Mordaunt wins backing of Ukrainian MPs in bid to become new Tory leader
Ten MPs from three different Ukrainian parties were supporting the international trade minister, her campaign team said.

保守党领袖竞争者 便士莫道特 has won the backing of a group of Ukrainian 国会议员, her campaign has said.

Ten MPs from three different parties – some of whom met her on a recent visit to 伦敦 – are supporting her bid to succeed 鲍里斯·约翰逊, her campaign team said.

In a statement released by the campaign, Lesia Vasylenko of the Holos (Voice) Party said: “In the last six months, the UK has proven to be not just a strategic partner for Ukraine but a true friend.

“The next 保守的 leader will need to be 110% dedicated to Ukraine’s victory and with it the victory of democracy.

“Penny Mordaunt was the first minister I have met, back in March, and she struck me with her determination to have Ukraine win at all cost. This is exactly the kind of uncompromising stance we in Ukraine require from our partners today.”

Vasyl Virastyuk of Ukrainian president Volodymyr Zelensky’s Servant of the People party said: “Penny Mordaunt has repeatedly expressed her support for Ukraine and stated that ‘Russia must lose the war’.

“She herself sheltered Ukrainian refugees at home. I am sure that this is the prime minister who will become a new great friend of Ukraine.”

作为回应, Portsmouth North MP Ms Mordaunt said: “I am humbled to have been endorsed by my brave colleagues from Kyiv, their fight against Putin and his invaders is our fight too.

“Putin must fail. Under my leadership, Britain will ensure he does. I will stand with President Zelensky and ensure Britain remains their strongest ally.”