Mother accused of crushing disabled daughter with table until she died

Mother accused of crushing disabled daughter with table until she died
The mother has been charged with causing fatal injuries

A woman was arrested by the Florida police for allegedly crushing her teen daughter with special needs to death with a table while visiting her at the hospital where she was admitted for an infection, de acordo com um relatório.

Jessica Bortle, 34, has been charged with causing fatal injuries to her daughter by crushing her under the hospital table and slamming it on her abdomen, the official arrest report cited by Pessoas showed. Ms Bortle also allegedly leaned on the table with her weight, a report by KATV disse.

The hospital officials said 14-year-old Jasmine Singletary was admitted to the Sacred Heart Hospital on July 8 after she contracted an infection but did not report any damage to her ribs and liver. Jasmine had a neuromuscular disorder, o relatório adicionado.

The autopsy report cited by the police stated that teen died from massive injuries to her ribs and liver. The police report says these injuries to Jasmine’s abdomen and ribs were caused during her hospital stay.

The People report added that an argument broke out between the duo after Jasmine broke a crayon, riling Bortle.

Sobre 13 julho, Jasmine stopped breathing after losing consciousness when her mother was present in the hospital room, a policia disse. Despite attempts to revive her by the medics, Jasmine was declared dead.

According to a statement by the hospital, the injuries, allegedly caused by her mother, were so severe that the teen girl died within minutes of receiving them.

The injuries, the statement pointed out, “had to have occurred while Jasmine was confined to her hospital bed.”

The now concluded probe states that the fatal injuries were allegedly caused by her mother who has been charged with manslaughter.

While Jasmine’s grandmother was also allegedly present in the room when the incident took place, she faces no charge and is a police witness.

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