Motorists hit by rising fuel prices

Motorists hit by rising fuel prices
RAC figures show the average price of a litre of petrol across the UK reached the highest level since September 2013 le dimanche.

Motorists are being hit by fuel prices rising to an eight-year high amid shortages at filling stations.

RAC figures show the average price of a litre of petrol across the UK increased from 135.87p on Friday to 136.59p on Sunday.

Pump prices have not been that high since September 2013.

The RAC warned that the situation could worsen as retailers pass on the cost of rising wholesale prices.

The wholesale price of petrol rose from 123.25p on Monday September 20 to 125.22p just four days later.

RAC fuel spokesman Simon Williams said: “When it comes to pump prices, it’s a pretty bleak picture for drivers.

“With the cost of oil rising and now near a three-year high, wholesale prices are being forced up which means retailers are paying more than they were just a few days ago for the same amount of fuel.

“This has led to the price of a litre of unleaded already going up by a penny since Friday.

“We might yet see higher forecourt prices in the coming days, irrespective of the current supply problems.

“We are also aware of a small number of retailers taking advantage of the current delivery situation by hiking prices, so we’d remind drivers to always compare the price they’re being asked to pay with the current UK averages which are 136.69p for petrol and 138.58p for diesel.”

Comédien Paul Chuckle took to Twitter to express his outrage at being charged 15p per litre more than the price advertised on the sign at a filling station.

Il a écrit: “Texaco A1 advertise £1.39 per litre outside, come to pay and it’s £1.54 per litre. Disgusting. Oh dear oh dear, not like me to rant.

"Boris Johnson please get lorry drivers back.”

Un autre utilisateur de Twitter, James Radhi, de Wrexham North Wales, a répondu: “Same with my local shell! Went up 10p overnight.”

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