Nancy Mace

Nancy Mace
Comes amid a war of words with the right-wing Islamophobic congresswoman

Republican Rep Nancy Mace slammed fellow GOP Rep Marjorie Taylor Greene for saying she supports abortion rights, discussing how she was raped when she was younger.

The exchange came after Ms Greene called the South Carolina Republican “the trash in the GOP Conference” and said that “she’s pro-abort”. Ms Mace fired back and called Ms Greene a “religious bigot” and used emojis to say she was “bats*** crazy.”

The Independent noted that the reason for Ms Greene calling Ms Mace pro-choice was that when she was a state legislator, Ms Mace wanted to add an exemption for rape and incest to a bill that would have restricted abortion after a heartbeat for the fetus was detected.

“This was a devastating and life-changing traumatic event. I had no hope for the future, turned to drugs and alcohol, dropped out of school, and never thought I’d make it,” she tweeted. “Beyond disgusted.”

Ms Mace was raped when she was a high school student, which led her to drop out before she ultimately graduated and then eventually graduated from the Citadel before her time in politics. Both lawmakers were elected to Congress last year.

The row came after Ms Mace criticised Ms Greene’s fellow right-wing Republican colleague Rep Lauren Boebert of Colorado for making Islamophobic remarks about Rep Ilhan Omar of Minnesota.