Des voisins affirment que les blanchisseries sont allées camper lorsque son fils est revenu de voyage avec Gabby Petito

Des voisins affirment que les blanchisseries sont allées camper lorsque son fils est revenu de voyage avec Gabby Petito
Un voisin dit qu'il a vu la famille Laundrie charger un nouveau camping-car le même week-end, la police a commencé à rechercher des personnes disparues au cas où

Peu après Brian Blanchisserie rentré chez lui sans Gabby Petito au 1 septembre, sa famille a fait un week-end de camping, leurs voisins de North Port, Floride, a dit.

Charlene et William Guthrie ont déclaré avoir vu les blanchisseries attacher un nouveau camping-car à leur camionnette et sortir de leur maison le même week-end où la police est venue chercher une piste dans une affaire de personnes disparues.. Les Guthrie ignoraient Mme Petitola disparition à ce moment-là.

« Je les ai vus faire du travail. Et puis quand ils ont préparé leur voyage, Je les ai vu charger le camping-car," a déclaré M. Guthrie, according to Fox News.

Mr Guthrie, who saw them preparing the camper while he was doing some yard work, said he found it odd that the three went off on a camping trip in such a small vehicle.

The Laundries’ trip was reportedly around the time when the search for the now deceased Ms Petito intensified. The police were looking for her partner Brian Laundrie, who had gone with her on a nearly two-month-long road trip.

Mr Guthrie said he did not know that the camper he saw outside the Laundrie home belonged to Petito, and assumed that it was the younger man’s.

Monsieur Blanchisserie, who is not a suspect in the death of Petito but a “person of interest”, had returned alone from the trip in the Ford camper van owned by his fiancé.

Remains believed to belong to Petito were located dans la forêt nationale de Bridger-Teton dans le Wyoming le 19 septembre. Une autopsie a confirmé qu'il s'agissait de Mme Petito.

The search for Mr Laundrie, pendant ce temps, has intensified in Florida’s 25,000-acre Carlton Reserve, where he is suspected to have gone after returning home for a brief period. The police officials have roped in dive teams and boats to assist in the search.

The couple had left their Florida home in early July for a road trip spanning 2,328 miles and several national parks, before the two reportedly got into fights and had to be separated by the police officials in Utah.

Ms Petito’s family went on a frantic search for their daughter after they stopped receiving texts from her and the 22-year-old did not make it back home with Mr Laundrie. Ms Petito’s mother last spoke to her on 25 août.

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