Nelly hilariously steps in to debunk story about losing bag containing $300,000

Nelly hilariously steps in to debunk story about losing bag containing $300,000
Entertainer says he has no idea whose bag the group found at bowling alley

Rapper Nelly has hilariously stepped in to debunk an online story that he lost a bag containing $300,000 in cash.

The Hot in Herre rapper had been accused of misplacing the money in a duffle bag at a bowling alley, according to The Neighborhood Talk.

And a friend of the the woman who found and returned the bag then claimed she was given just $100 for doing the right thing.

In the clip, the woman can be seen with several friends.

“We up here at the bowling alley, she found Nelly bag, it had $300,000 in it,” a man said as he pointed the camera at the laughing woman.

“And guess what she do? She gave it back.”

“They gave her $100 for giving him back $300,000,” the man said on the video, which has now been watched more than 215,000 times on the website.

The laughing friend labelled their friend “Donkey of the day” for allegedly handing back the cash to the entertainer.

The musician, whose real name is Cornel Haynes Jr, was not about to let the story go unchecked and denied the inside, saying he had never lost the money.

“Cap [cap emoji].. SUUUUUUUPPPPPEEEEEERRRR CAAPPP,” he wrote in the comments of The Neighborhood Talk’s comments.

“I didn’t lose s*** idk what bag or who’s bag they talkin bout but it dam show wasn’t mine..”

The term “cap” is used to describe something as false, according to