Nespresso VertuoPlus: Is the new Centrifusion Technology really worth splashing out on?

Nespresso VertuoPlus: Is the new Centrifusion Technology really worth splashing out on?
From design to performance, we review the new Nespresso VertuoPlus to see if it is worth the near £200 price tag?

Nespresso is one of the leading pod machine brands in the world, and their foolproof coffee machines can be found in homes, staffrooms, offices and restaurants everywhere.

Their Nespresso branded coffee capsules are also hugely popular, with a dizzying choice of beverages available – though many machine owners opt to use compatible pods from other brands and independents, or vice versa.

Nespresso pod machines offer a convenient alternative to barista style coffee machines, saving you the hassle of sourcing and grinding fresh coffee beans, steaming milk and the regular cleaning required of bean-to-cup machines, making them a popular – and usually more affordable choice for coffee lovers.

Instead of setting grind levels, water temperature and length, most pod machines require only that you fill the water tank, insert your pod and press a button to receive your steaming hot coffee in seconds. The VertuoPlus does exactly this, plus boasting its new Centrifusion Technology for better brewing.

As with all Nespresso machines, purchase of a VertuoPlus gives you automatic membership to the “Nespresso & You” coffee club for benefits and discounts on machines, cápsulas, delivery costs (though next day delivery is free for the VertuoPlus) and accessories. It also gives you access to immediate machine assistance, repairs and machine loans should yours require fixing.

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Pod machines and coffee capsules have come in for environmental criticism, so it is worth noting that now Nespresso offers its own recycling programme on pods.

Return your used aluminium capsules to any Nespresso Boutique, collect + location in the bags provided, or you can request pick-ups from your doorstep with your next capsule order. The capsules cost roughly 40-60p each, without member discounts for bulk purchases.

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Nespresso vertuoPlus

Compre Agora

Peso: 4.6kg

Water tank capacity: 1.8 litre

Dimensões: W14.22cm x D32.51cm x H42.34cm

Cable length: 74cm

Colours: Piano black, titan (dark grey), silver

Guarantee: Two years

Design and features

The Nespresso vertuoplus is a sleek affair, available in three colourways and compact enough to fit into most kitchen spaces. The moveable water tank is useful in this sense too, as well as making it easier to access for filling.

The vertuoplus is designed to be extremely easy to use, and features just two buttons – one to open and close the electrical opening top, and one to brew the coffee. This button is also used for cleaning the machine at set-up.

At the back of the machine, there is a compartment to collect the waste capsules, which are ejected automatically and has capacity for ten large capsules. The front of the machine is trimmed with chrome accents and features an adjustable cup support / drip tray with three positions for splash-free pouring whichever beverage size you opt for.

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The key selling point of the vertuoplus is that the machine allows for a choice of cup sizes – espresso, double espresso, gran lungo (150ml), mug (230ml), and alto (414ml) – which the machine will detect automatically via the barcode on the chosen pod, rather than the user having to add extra water or coffee. This is what Nespresso mean by their “centrifusion technology”, and allows for 26 different flavours and varieties to be made by the machine – though importantly, only Nespresso’s own vertuoplus pods are compatible with the machine. Nespresso also say this machine has a super-fast heat up time, and will auto shut off after nine minutes of inactivity.


As we mentioned before, one of the key selling points for any Nespresso is its ease of use: no faffing about with beans or twiddling knobs. And indeed, this is the case for the ultra-modern vertuoplus model; once the first clean is performed, which takes five minutes and one 400ml container, you’re off. Coffee is produced uniformly and at the touch of one button, with a plethora of pods to choose from.

The coffee is the divisive thing: we’ve already mentioned that you’re bound to Nespresso with the purchase of this machine (for now at least), and it really depends on whether you’re a fan. Nespresso say that their coffee is fully sustainable, requiring 75,000 farmers, 440 agronomists an 40 partners working across 12 countries to supply their specialist pods but for some coffee lovers this – and the flavour – still falls short.

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If you’re into proper barista level speciality coffee, a Nespresso or many pod machines will not be for you, but for a busy working day a cup of stormio, intenso or even hazelnut muffin that you don’t have to think about making may be just the ticket. Taste-wise, there’s sure to be a capsule you enjoy; just don’t expect it to compare to the highly-rated independent stuff.

Aside from this, in terms of ease of use, cleanliness and convenience, it’s hard to fault the Nespresso vertuoplus. Coffee is delivered hot and perfectly brewed in mere seconds, without any thought or mess, and with plenty of choice of brew styles – though you might want to rethink your purchase if you’re a cappuccino or latte devotee. Functioning is quiet, and the water tank holds enough for at least four large coffees. Some may find the cord length falls short, but for most kitchen set-ups it should be fine.

O veredito: Nespresso vertuoPlus

If you’re absolutely set on buying a coffee pod machine you can do much worse than the vertuoplus. The user interface is so simple, no one could fail to work it, and each pod is so cleverly set up with its own brewing info, coffee is perfect every time which proves a boon in a busy workspace, home office or family kitchen. Those who enjoy the freedom of choosing coffee compatible pods from their favourite independent shops will of course be disappointed, but aside from that, the Nespresso vertuoplus fires on all cylinders.

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