Netflix viewers react to Bo Burnham’s ‘deranged masterpiece’, [object Window]

Netflix viewers react to Bo Burnham’s ‘deranged masterpiece’, [object Window]
Comedian is receiving rave reviews for his self-produced Netflix special

Comedian Bo Burnham has released his new special, [object Window], sobre Netflix, to the delight of fans.

The show runs for around an hour and a half and was written, directed, filmed and produced by Burnham himself at home in LA during the pandemic.

Nas redes sociais, viewers are praising him for tapping into the struggles people have dealt with over the past year, including feelings of isolation, depression, boredom and despair.

While these sound like odd themes for a comedy special, the reactions from fans suggest that Burnham has succeeded in entertaining as well as moving his audience.

“I cried while watching the new Bo Burnham special and I suggest you do the same,” one tweet read.

“The new Bo Burnham special is so f***ing good,” another said.

A tweet from user @liltrashboy said: “Bo Burnham’s [object Window] is the only content about the pandemic that needs to be made. I don’t want movies romanticising it, only this deranged masterpiece.”

Animator and voice actor Ross O’Donovan said: “Anyone else get entertained and a mild existential crisis watching that new Bo Burnham special?”

YouTuber JaackMaate tweeted: “I don’t think I’ve ever seen something so beautiful than Bo Burnham’s new special.”

A review in O guardião gave the special five stars, commending Burnham’s “bleak humour” and calling the show “astonishing”.

[object Window] is available to stream on Netflix now.

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