New Lego set is the perfect present for music fans

New Lego set is the perfect present for music fans
Following the success of Lego’s Rolling Stones, Elvis Presley and rock guitar sets, the brand has created a brand new jazz quartet set for music fans

Love 乐高 and love music? Specifically, jazz music? We might just have the perfect gift for you. The jazz quartet – which features a drummer, pianist, bassist and trumpeter – is sure to get music fans hearts racing.

This isn’t the first time the brand has dived into the world of 音乐 – it’s known to have created some incredible mini versions of iconic musicians like David Bowie, Abba and the Rolling Stones.

But this latest design isn’t one for big names. 相当, this 1,606-piece set is a nameless quartet and, according to Lego’s description, it’s all in the detail with this one.

The four musicians are set in dynamic positions with their intricate instruments, and can be customised into any formation. Measuring 20cm high and 43cm wide, this is made for display in your .

Coming in at at £89.99, it’s set to be a staple piece for any jazz and Lego lover. Here’s everything you need to know about the set and how to get your hands on it.


Lego jazz quartet: 89.99 英镑,

  • Model number: #21334
  • 方面: H20cm, W43cm, D16cm
  • Number of pieces: 1,606
  • Ages: 18+

This quartet of stylish models hopes to recreate the atmosphere of an actual jazz concert, the kind you stumble into watching in a New Orleans jazz club. They’re built so they look like they are performing on stage, and you can place the four players into any order.

Each musician and their instrument comes with a set of building instructions, so you can get involved as a group, or keep the project all to yourself.

The set comes with five illustrated booklets with exclusive cover artwork and step-by-step instructions for all builds, and one of these booklets is a written-out interview with the set’s designer.

This set is highly anticipated – it is one of the Lego sets to come out of a vote from Lego fans for what they wanted to be built next. So as this is looking to be a popular one, you might want to get in there fast.


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