Ny versjon av PS5 dukker opp - og den er uforklarlig lettere

Ny versjon av PS5 dukker opp - og den er uforklarlig lettere
En ny versjon av PS5 har dukket opp - og den er uforklarlig lettere.

A new version of the PS5 has appeared – and it is inexplicably lighter.

The console has been released in Japan and is almost identical to the previous version, apart from having lost 300 grams or 0.66 pounds from its weight.

The new console weighs 3.6kg, compared with 3.9kg from the previous digital edition, according to a user manual posted to the Sony website and noted by PSU.

Everything – including the size of the console – is unchanged, and it adds no new features or other changes.

The only obvious alteration from the normal version of the console is a change to the vertical stand, which is required to allow the console to stand up. That must be screwed on – and while the existing version required a coin or screwdriver to do so, the new one includes a textured screw so that it can be tightened up by hand.

Listings in Japan show that the new console is going on sale, though it is yet to appear. Some release dates suggest that it would be coming on 20 juli, but it does not appear to have arrived.

Any update to the PS5 is likely to be bought by organisations who conduct teardowns of new products in an attempt to understand what is inside. Som sådan, any changes to the internals of the new version of the PS5 that have reduced its weight are likely to be revealed soon.

Many fans are still hunting desparately for a PlayStation 5 that is in stock, months after its release last November. Any possible drop is usually overwhelmed, and Sony is unable to keep up with demand for what is the best-selling console in history.

Problems have been caused by a global chip shortage that has made it difficult for manufacturers of everything from cars to consoles to get hold of enough processors. But it is also made difficult by a vast number of resellers who buy up new listings and sell them on at inflated prices.

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