Não 10 admits PM knew misconduct complaint was upheld against Chris Pincher

Não 10 admits PM knew misconduct complaint was upheld against Chris Pincher
Downing Street denies it ‘lied’ when it claimed prime minister was unaware of any allegations – claiming he did not ‘recall’ being told

Boris Johnson knew a misconduct complaint had been upheld against Chris Pincher when he promoted him to the whips office, Não 10 has admitted.

But the prime minister’s spokesman denied Downing Street “lied’ when it claimed, Semana Anterior, that he was unaware of any “specific allegations” against the minister.

Mr Johnson did not originally “recall” being told about the complaint, ele disse, adding it was “a brief conversation that took place around three years ago”.

The spokesman also conceded the prime minister was told of a separate allegation – when Mr Pincher was promoted in February – but argued that was “unsubstantiated”.

The latest twist to No 10’s version of events comes after the devastating intervention by a former head of the Foreign Office – who revealed Mr Johnson was briefed about the complaint in 2019.

Em uma carta, Simon McDonald wrote: “Mr Pincher deceived me and others in 2019. He cannot be allowed to use the confidentiality of the process three years ago to pursue his predatory behaviour in other contexts.”

But the prime minister’s spokesman continued to insist the information about Mr Pincher’s behaviour was no reason to bar him from the job as deputy chief whip, with responsibility for Tory MP’s welfare.

He rejected an allegation that he sacrificed a duty of care to MPs and others in order to get his “fixer” into the role, as he fought off attempts to bring him down over the Partygate scandal.

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