Nurses ‘consider protest over 3% NHS pay rise’ – suivre en direct

Nurses ‘consider protest over 3% NHS pay rise’ - suivre en direct
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Priti Patel accused of ‘troublingrefusal to accept border policy failed, despite spread of Delta variant

Nurses are thought to be considering industrial action over the “appalling” offer of a 3 pour cent NHS pay rise in England and Wales, a union has warned.

It comes after the Department for Health and Social Care in March said only a rise of 1 per cent was affordable – before the independent NHS pay review body recommended this go up to 3 pour cent, which was accepted by the government.

Patricia Marquis, England director of RCN, said nurses were “really angry and upset” at the pay award, which the union claims amounts to a pay cut once inflation is taken into account. “We will be considering with them what the next steps might be, which could include consideration of industrial action most certainly,” she told BBC2’s Newsnight.

pendant ce temps, ministers will today announce a consultation into what slashing red tape inherited during Britain’s time as an EU member will look like. Brexi minister David Frost, who negotiated the Withdrawal Agreement, said the proposals marked the “first time in a generation” that British politicians were “free to implement rules that put the UK first”.


Ministers look to slash EU-inherited regulation in new consultation

Reformsincluding proposals to streamline regulationsdesigned to slash red tape inherited during Britain’s decades as an EU member will be put to consultation, ministers have announced.

It marks an initial response to the report by the independent Taskforce on Innovation, Growth and Regulatory Reform (TIGRR), which was commissioned by Boris Johnson and chaired by former Tory leader Sir Iain Duncan Smith.

Suggestions made by Sir Iain’s taskforce included calling on the government to enable companies to trial innovative ideas safely by lifting certain regulations to allow new products to be tested in a real-world setting under the supervision of a regulatora style of experimentation dubbed the “sandbox”.

Other proposals to be consulted on include bringing in tougher scrutiny of proposed regulations to ensure poor measures do not become law and reviewing new additions every two years, rather than every five.

“Now is the time to think boldly about how we regulate, as we seize our new opportunities as an independent nation,” Lord Frost, who negotiated the Withdrawal Agreement, mentionné. “For the first time in a generation, we are free to implement rules that put the UK first.”

Il ajouta: “Reforming the way we regulate will be a big part of delivering that for people.”

Sam Hancock22 juillet 2021 08:03

Nurses consider action over ‘appalling’ 3% NHS pay rise

The main nursing union is to consult members on possible action, after the government announced a 3 per cent NHS pay rise which the Royal College of Nursing said amounts to a cut after inflation is taken into account.

The Department of Health said the rise will be worth an additional £1,000 a year to the average nurse in England, while many porters and cleaners will receive around £540.

It amounts to a significant improvement on the government’s initial offer of just 1 per cent for NHS staff after a year in which they have been under intense pressure because of the coronavirus pandemic. But while it is higher than the current rate of inflation, the RCN – which had demanded 12.5 per cent – said it would soon fall behind the expected increase in prices over the coming months, leaving nurses worse-off overall.

Our political editor Andrew Woodcock rapports:

Nurses consider action over ‘appalling’ 3% NHS pay rise

Hike worth £1,000 a year to the average nurse, says Department of Health, after increasing initial below-inflation 1% offer

Sam Hancock22 juillet 2021 07:59

Bonjour, et bienvenue à L'indépendant’s rolling coverage of Brexit and all things UK politics. It’s set to be a busy day as NHS nurses consider striking over the government’s offer of a 3 per cent pay rise, so stay tuned.

Sam Hancock22 juillet 2021 07:48

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