O’Brien, Carrey, Dole praise ‘comedy genius’ ノームマクドナルド

O'Brien, Carrey, Dole praise 'comedy genius' Norm Macdonald
Fellow comedians and many others are paying tribute to standup comic and “Saturday Night Live” star Norm Macdonald, who died Tuesday at 61

Reactions to the death of Norm Macdonald, who died of cancer Tuesday at age 61.

「私はノーム・マクドナルドに完全に打ちのめされています. ノームは私が今まで出会った中で最もユニークなコメディーの声を持っていました、そして彼はとても執拗にそして妥協することなく面白かったです. 二度とそんなに笑うことはない. I’m so sad for all of us today.” — Conan O’Brien オン ツイッター

“Norm was in a comedy genre of his own. No one like him on this planet. Please do yourself a favor and watch his stuff. He was one of a kind of all time” — Sarah Silverman on Twitter.

“He was one of our most precious gems. 正直で勇敢なコメディの天才. I love him.” — Jim Carrey via Twitter.

“The world was a much funnier place because Norm Macdonald was in it. We’ve lost a comedic genius, and a great Canadian. Sending my condolences to his loved ones and countless fans mourning his passing.” — ジャスティン・トルドー Prime Minister of Canada, Twitter上で.

“Norm was a great talent, and I loved laughing with him on SNL. (asterisk)Bob Dole(asterisk) will miss Norm Macdonald.” — Former Senator Bob Dole who Macdonald often played on “Saturday Night Live,” via Twitter.

We loved Norm MacDonald. One of a kind.— Steve Martin, via Twitter.

“I was a huge fan of Norm Macdonald and I essentially ripped off his delivery when I first started acting, 私はトークショーで彼を見るために特に起きていました. 彼は史上最もおかしなゲストでした. 今日はコメディの巨人を失いました. One of the all time greats.” — Seth Rogen, via Twitter.

「ノーム・マクドナルドのように誰もあなたを壊すことができませんでした. Hilarious and unique.” — Jon Stewart on Twitter.

“Oh my God what is even happening. Good bye, ノルム. あなたは決してそうではありませんでした 100% hilarious.” — Patton Oswalt, via Twitter.


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