Officials hold secret hearing to discuss UFOs

Officials hold secret hearing to discuss UFOs
The hearing comes after the open discussion between Pentagon and Navy officials with US Congress

アメリカ officials are now holding a confidential hearing to discuss UFO.

The hearing comes after the open discussion between Ronald Moultrie, インクルード 五角形’s top 知能 正式, and Scott Bray, the deputy director of naval intelligence, with the US Congress.

The officials described efforts made by AOIMSGthe Airborne Object Identification and Management Synchronization Groupto investigate Unexplained Aerial Phenomena or UAPs in a public hearing.

During the public hearing, officials showed flashing triangles in the night sky above a Navy ship and a sphere flashing past a jet in the blink of an eye.

“We’re now reasonably confident that these triangles correlate to Unmanned Aerial Systems in the area,」 ブレイ氏は言った. “The triangular appearance is a result of light passing through the night vision goggles, and then being recorded by an [single lens reflex] camera.”

The other video was taken from the cockpit of an aircraft above a military training zone, a white flash can be seen going past. “I do not have an explanation for what this this specific object is,」 ブレイ氏は言った.

Much of the public hearing focused on 144 reports of unexplained activity made since 2004; 80 per cent were recorded on multiple sensors. “The majority had multi-sensor data”, Mr Bray says. There are currently 400 レポート, but some of these are narrative-based or submitted outside of the timeframe.

“Reports of sightings are frequent and continuting”, Mr Bray said, but the AOIMSG has “no material, 我々は持っています [ない] 検出されました … anything that would suggest it is non-terrestrial”. Mr Bray added, しかしながら, that “we’ll go whereever the data takes us”

One major event that the AOIMSG revealed it had not investigated was at Malmstrom Air Force Base. Robert Salas, a former U.S. Air Force Nuclear Launch Officer, said that he was monitoring the launch control center for 10 nuclear missiles when a red orb appeared overhead.

“The missiles started going into ‘no go’ or unlaunchable condition. They were essentially disabled while this object was overhead," 彼は言った.

“Nobody was injured and I don’t consider it an attack but it certainly it was a national security incident and something the Air Force said has never happen in their official policy documents," 彼は言った.

Since questioned about the incident, Mr Moultrie said officials would investigate.