Olivia Rodrigo reveals shoehorn she received from Biden was in fact not a shoehorn

Olivia Rodrigo reveals shoehorn she received from Biden was in fact not a shoehorn
Singer says her mother incorrectly informed her tool was a shoe horn

Olivia Rodrigo has clarified that the “shoehorn” she received as a gift from President Joe Biden when she visited the White House is actually an ice cream scooper.

The good 4 u singer, who visited the White House in July to promote Covid vaccinations, recently discussed the gifts she received from the president during an appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live! on Tuesday, after she was asked by the host about the matching sunglasses she and Mr Biden wore in a photo taken during the visit.

In response to the inquiry, the 18-year-old said she received a few presents from the 78-year-old president, including the sunglasses worn in the photo and a shoehorn, which she said was “strange”.

“He gave me a few gifts. He gave me those. He gave me some M&Ms and he also gave me a shoehorn, which was strange,” Rodrigo said. “It had the presidential emblem on it. I’m serious. It’s in my house.”

However, the drivers license singer has since revealed that she was mistaken, as the metal instrument is actually an ice cream scoop.

Rodrigo shared her revelation on Instagram on Thursday, where she posted a series of photos from her appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live! as well as one photo of the kitchen tool emblazoned with the presidential seal.

“Thank u for having me @jimmykimmellive !!! Also thank u to my mom who told me this President Biden ice cream scoop was a shoehorn and let me repeat it on national television lolllll,” the teenager captioned the photos.

The misunderstanding entertained Rodrigo’s followers, with many expressing amusement over the error.

“An ice cream scoop. Don’t tell me you used it as a shoehorn,” one person commented along with laughing face emojis.

Another said: “In your mom’s defence, it does look more like a shoehorn than an ice cream scooper.”

“Anything is a shoehorn if you try hard enough,” someone else joked.

Mr Biden is a well-known fan of the dessert, with the 46th president frequently photographed enjoying ice cream cones.


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