On the hunt for an Xbox series X? Here’s where to buy one today

On the hunt for an Xbox series X? Here’s where to buy one today
你今天在哪里可以买到 Xbox Series X? Follow our live tracker blog for UK restock alerts and Xbox news from Amazon, 到, Currys and more


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November marks an entire year since the Xbox series X launched in the UK, but despite being in full-production for 12 months Microsoft’s next-generation console is still almost impossible to find in stock anywhere. The global shortage of microprocessors, combined with the ongoing supply chain crisis, has brought manufacturing of the Xbox to a near-standstill, leaving shoppers in the UK wondering where to buy one.

The cheaper and less powerful Xbox series S is easier to find in stock pretty much anywhere you look, but the Xbox series X sells out within minutes of returning to the shelves. Knowing when and where the Xbox will restock next is key to grabbing one in time.

That’s why we launched our Xbox stock alerts liveblog. If you’re wondering where to buy an Xbox series X in the UK today, 我们在这里为您提供帮助. Below, we’ll update you with the latest live restock updates as soon as they happen, 以及有关预计补货日期的任何消息, new games and accessories and milestone events.


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Where can you find the ‘Halo Infinite’ Xbox in stock?

Halo Infinite branded Xbox series X (£479.99, Xbox.com) was announced on 25 August to commemorate two decades of Microsoft’s sci-fi FPS. Pre-orders sold out in less than 20 分钟, though Game recently restocked another batch of pre-order bundles.

The super-rare, custom-designed Xbox celebrates Master Chief’s 20th birthday and boasts “a custom console design imprinted with stars as seen from the surface of Zeta Halo – extending onto the fan behind a blue vent inspired by Cortana.”

It also comes with Halo Infinite pre-installed and ready to play when the game launches on 8 十二月. The branded Xbox series X launches in two weeks, 上 15 十一月.

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When does Very restock the Xbox series X?

非常 restocks the Xbox series X on a Tuesday precisely once every four or five weeks, a pattern it’s followed since June. It’s the only UK retailer to reliably stick to a schedule like this, making it relatively straightforward to guess when it will have more Xboxes available.

Very last restocked on 19 十月, meaning the next restock should take place on 16 或者 23 十一月.

The retailer has a strange habit of restocking the Xbox series X alongside the PlayStation 5, and dumping everyone in a waiting room that it can take up to an hour to be allowed out of.

史蒂夫·霍加蒂1 十一月 2021 10:31

What’s happening with Amazon’s Xbox series X stock?

Amazon broke a long old dry spell on Friday, when it restocked the Xbox series X for the first time in over a month. The drop lasted around five minutes, which in Xbox-adjusted terms is an eternity.

We now predict Amazon will next restock the console between 15 November and 19 十一月.

Unlike the PS5, which is available exclusively to Amazon Prime customers, anybody can grab the Xbox series X when it appears on sale.

If you’d rather not fight over the series X, Amazon currently has the less powerful Xbox series S in stock (£249.99, 亚马逊).

史蒂夫·霍加蒂1 十一月 2021 10:12

Which retailer will restock the Xbox series X next?

According to our careful analysis of previous restocking patterns, we predict that the 微软商店 is next in line to restock.

为什么? Well the official store tends to go two to three weeks between restocks, and has stuck to this frequency over the summer. The most recent restock there was on 16 十月, making it about due another drop.

The Microsoft Store is also one of two places that ever stocks pre-orders of the Halo Infinite limited edition Xbox bundle, which launches 15 十一月.

Game recently restocked that limited edition bundle, which could indicate a similar drop is now due at Microsoft. The official retailer tends to restock in the early evenings, as late as 8pm.

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Can you buy an Xbox series X on the high street?

Back when things were 普通的, it was possible to walk into any electronics store and buy as many games console as you pleased. 现在? You’re unlikely to find any shop on the high street with an Xbox series X in stock.

That’s not to say it doesn’t happen. 史密斯玩具游戏 occasionally have stock available in their stores for walk-in customers to purchase. 阿尔戈斯 is another store that sometimes has click and collect options in random spots around the country. has also been known to restock the Xbox in its five physical UK stores (which we didn’t even realise AO had).

We recommend calling up your local stores to see if stock is available, or if any is expected over the next few days. Game stores run Twitter accounts for each branch too. These announce when Xbox (and PS5) stock is available in each store. You can follow this list of all of Game’s UK store Twitter accounts.

史蒂夫·霍加蒂1 十一月 2021 09:31

Is the Xbox series X in stock at Game?

Though sold out right now, 游戏 bucked convention by restocking the Xbox series X on a Saturday. Weekend restocks like this one are rare, but the Xbox series X is in such short supply that the usual rules don’t apply. All bets are off, anything can happen, it’s dog eat dog out there.

The retailer bundled the Xbox series X with the elite wireless controller for £599, but the standalone console was available to buy in certain stores. Follow some of your nearest branches on Twitter to get a heads up next time.

Game is also one of three places you can buy the Xbox through the Xbox All Access scheme, the pay-monthly alternative to paying £449 for the console in one go.

史蒂夫·霍加蒂1 十一月 2021 09:03

Where is the Xbox series X in stock today?

The Xbox series X is out of stock across the board. We’re back to square one.

Let’s take a look at a few likely retailers and rumours while we wait for more stock to appear.

阿尔戈斯 is a tricksy one. The site lets you add a console to your trolley, but rest assured that the console is sold out online. At checkout you’ll be unable to select and collection or delivery options.

The retailer hasn’t properly restocked the Xbox online in weeks, but there are reportedly some in-store restocks in branches around the country. These are often listed on the Argos site for click and collect, so it’s worth entering your post code to check your local area.

The best way to buy an Xbox series X from Argos is through the app. Add the console to your wish list, which lets you slip the Xbox into your basket in advance for a speedy checkout when the time comes.

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Follow along for live Xbox stock alerts

早上好, Xbox hunters!

Welcome to this week’s Xbox series X stock tracking liveblog, where we’ll be scanning the retail horizon for the first sign of Microsoft’s elusive next-generation console. The Xbox has consistently been sold out since launching last year, and new stock appears without warning and sells out in seconds.

That’s why we’re continually tracking every UK retailer to alert you as soon as stock appears, giving you the best chance of grabbing a console before everyone else.

Ready? Let’s go.

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