OnlyFans bans sexually-explicit videos

OnlyFans bans sexually-explicit videos
OnlyFans is banning pornography posts, it has said.

OnlyFans is banning pornography posts, it has said.

The subscription platform has become famous in large part because it allows adult content creators to share videos with relatively few restrictions.

But such videos will now be banned, in a decision OnlyFans said it had taken to “ensure the long-term sustainability of the platform”, it told The Independent.

Posts containing nudity will still be allowed, so long as they comply with OnlyFans rules. But those rules will now specifically ban “any content containing sexually-explicit conduct”.

OnlyFans said it had taken the decision “to comply with the requests of our banking partners and payout providers”. It did not give any information about which companies had made those requests.

The announcement came only hours after Axios reported that the company had run into trouble securing investment, despite its very rapid growth, because of the prevalence of adult content on the platform. A number of venture capital firms have rules explicitly banning apps built to distribute sexually-explicit content, the site reported.

The same report also showed the vast financial growth of the company, which it said has paid out billions of dollars to creators already and expects to grow rapidly. It is not clear how much of that revenue comes from pornography and adult content, and Axios reported that it is not mentioned in the company’s pitch to investors.

OnlyFans said it was committed to ensuring that the creators who rely on the platform were helped through the ban. “We will be sharing more details in the coming days and we will actively support and guide our creators through this change in content guidelines,” it said in a statement.

The new rule will go into effect from 1 October.

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At the same time as it made its announcement, it released its first monthly transparency report, covering July 2021. The decision to release the reports was part of “our commitment to safety and transparency”, OnlyFans said.

OnlyFans has spent recent months looking to promote the variety of safe for work content that is offered on its platform. In March, it announced a prize fund to highlight the work of musicians on the app, and this week it announced it was launching a new streaming platform and app called OFTV which will be both free and offer only PG-rated content.

Earlier this year, OnlyFans chief executive Tim Stokely told The Independent that while the site’s early users had been often associated with pornographic content, it was now growing beyond that.

“We are often associated with adult content, I think, because you have to be over the age of 18 to use the platform. And all the content is behind a paywall. That allowed us to have more liberal content policies,” Mr Stokely said.

“We found that creators from the adult industry really embraced the platform early on. But the the content on the platform has really evolved.”

The fastest-growing kinds of content at that time were “fitness, music and more recently fashion”, he said then, pointing to the success of musical artists such as DJ Khaled.