Patel knows a price will be paid over migrant boats – just not by her | 肖恩·奥格雷迪

Patel knows a price will be paid over migrant boats – just not by her | 肖恩·奥格雷迪
当然, the answer from home secretary is to insist that lives are paramount, but is that really true?

How long will it be before some poor desperate Afghan who once helped Western forcesmaybe even British troops in their worst days in Helmand Provinceand who was left behind in Kabul finally makes his way to Europe and tries to get across the English Channel? What will his fate be?

Is it to be that theyand any familywill be “turned back” in their flimsy boat, now that Priti Patel plans include training for the Border Force to “turn back” the “illegal” migrants.

And what happens if the French simply refuse to escort and accept them back in France? They will be sticky in limbo, waiting to sink and drown, unwanted by two rich western powers, whose values they once thought they were trying to defend. Britain’s mission in 阿富汗 really will be dead in the water.

当然, the answer from Patel to such situations is to insist that lives are paramount, and it’s matter of “tactics” as Boris Johnson calls it, and they’ll always do all they can. 在这种情况下, because lives are always in danger in these circumstances and because the French will be of no assistance, the policy is useless because they’ll end up being taken to the Kent coast just as they are now (and as they should be under the simple imperative of mercy, as well as intentional law).

If they are to be left to drown, as some sort of misguided deterrent measure, then the government has to bear responsibility for those deathsas well as sanctioning a breach of global conventions on saving life at sea and protecting human rights. Those on Border Force vesselsI notice the Royal Navy isn’t tangled up in this yetshould understand the repercussions as they “obey orders”. Consciences should be examined all the way down the command chain. Potential compensation to any remaining members alive of the deceased Afghan former interpreter would not be enough to wash way the stain on Britain’s honour.

Human rights are universal, and there are no “deserving” and “undeserving” refugees. 全部, whether they helped us in Afghanistan or whether they same from places like Somalia or Mali, deserve equal respect and treatment, because they all have a right to claim asylum and a right to life. Indeed everyone has the right to seek a better life.

Maybe some refugees will be transported to some faraway nation to be “processed”. In other words left to rot, again as a message to others not to bother making the journey. Yet still they will come, for as long as there are wars, failed states and poverty to escape from. Such movement cannot be stopped.

As I’ve written before, Patel has as much chance of stopping such journeys as she does the tide coming in. What she wants is to be able to say she’s done something about the the issue when she makes her speech at the Conservative conference. And when she’s confronted by hordes of flinty-faced, hard-hearted potential voters she wants to show them the results of her hard work and tough polices. She’s hasn’t got anything else, so the potential for dead Afghans washed up on the beach will have to do.


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