Patrick Star is getting his own Spongebob spin-off on Nickelodeon

Patrick Star is getting his own Spongebob spin-off on Nickelodeon
The 13-episode series follows the story of Patrick’s shenanigans and dreamlike imagination

Nickelodeon has released the first preview of its SpongeBob SquarePants spin-off series, The Patrick Star Show, which follows a younger Patrick Star living with his family and hosting his own show for the neighbourhood from his television-turned-bedroom.

The 30-second teaser shows Patrick Star declaring that it’s almost time for his show, and that he has found his “true purpose” this time.

On Monday, Nickelodeon took to Twitter to announce: “The Patrick Star Show coming this July to Nickelodeon.”

Star’s best buddy SpongeBob makes an appearance in the preview, along with the primary look at the star fish’s younger sibling, Squidina.

Created by Nickelodeon Animation Studio, the 13-episode series follows the story of Patrick’s shenanigans, impulses and dreamlike imagination.

The Patrick Star Show teaser

His little sister, Squidina, works behind the scenes to make sure Patrick’s show is always running smoothly, while his parents, Bunny and Cecil and his grandpa, GrandPat, each support Patrick in their own hilariously absurd ways.

The Star family’s unpredictable adventures often inform, integrate, and sometimes even interfere with Patrick’s TV show, but one thing is for sure: his bizarre life always makes for great television!

SpongeBob SquarePants’ executive producers Vincent Waller, Marc Ceccarelli and Jennie Monica are co-executives for the spin-off series.

The show stars Bill Fagerbakke, Jill Talley, Dana Snyder, Tom Kenny, Tom Wilson, Clancy Brown, Cree Summer, Rodger Bumpass, and Carolyn Lawrence and Mr Lawrence.


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