Perth twins who are engaged to the same man say they will ‘share’ babies

Perth twins who are engaged to the same man say they will ‘share’ babies
‘What’s mine is yours, what’s yours is mine,’ the twins say

A pair of identical twins from Australia who are engaged to the same man have said they would “share babies”.

Anna and Lucy DeCinque, 35, from Perth, both insist on doing everything “identical”.

In a recent episode of Extreme Sisters, a series that explores “the most obsessive and inseparable sibling relationships”, the pair had a conversation with their mother and another family member about what their symmetrical lives would look like once they have children.

“We would look after each other’s babies,” Anna said. “I’ll probably think what’s mine is yours, what’s yours is mine, that’s how it would be,” Lucy added.

The twins said neither of them would think “this is my baby and that’s your baby”. “We would share babies,” Lucy said.

Their comments drew some criticism from their mother, who argued that a baby “couldn’t have two mums”.

“If Lucy had a baby, Lucy is the mother, if you had a baby, you’re the mother,” she told Anna.

Anna responded: “I don’t think we thought of it like that, we’re both its mothers.”

The pair, who describe themselves as “one person”, wear the same clothes and eat identical meals. They recently got engaged to the same man; 37-year-old electrician Ben Byrnes, who they have both been dating since 2011.

The twins said that if one of their babies was to wake up during the night, they would both get up together to help.

“We would get up together no matter what, Anna wouldn’t get up by herself,” Lucy said.

When asked by producers what would happen if one of them took a shower while the other looked after the baby, they said it was an impossible scenario.

“No, we’re not going to have a shower and the other one look after the baby. That’s not going to work. Because we have to do things identical,” Anna said.

“We’re just never apart, that will never happen,” Lucy added.


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