Pet German Shepherd rescued after falling down 200ft California cliff

Pet German Shepherd rescued after falling down 200ft California cliff
Search and rescue teams found dog in Angeles National Forest

A pet dog that fell down a 200ft cliff was rescued after spending the night stuck in a Califórnia floresta.

The drama unfolded when German Shepherd Onyx and his owner both fell during a hike in the Angeles National Forest outside of Os anjos.

After the alarm was raised, Montrose Search and Rescue was able to rescue the injured hiker, but lost sight of the dog as night fell.

A Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department helicopter flew over the area on Wednesday and confirmed that Onyx had remained in the same location.

A large-scale rescue operation was then launched with crews from Montrose, Santa Clarita Valley, and Sierra Madre.

The rescue crews set up a lowering system from the top of the cliff and sent down rescuers to secure Onyx.

The dog was then lowered to the bottom of the cliff where he was reunited with his relieved family.

“Air Rescue 5 and LASD Montrose Search and Rescue personnel rescue hiker and hiker’s family pet who was stuck on the side of a cliff overnight in Big Tujunga Canyon in the Delta Flats area. Dog and hiker are safe,” tweeted LASD’s Special Enforcement Bureau.

Mike Leum, a first responder with Montrose Search and Rescue, captured the family’s reunion with Onyx on video.

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