Piers Morgan in Twitter dispute with Gary Lineker and Gabby Logan over ‘ruined’ Olympics

Piers Morgan in Twitter dispute with Gary Lineker and Gabby Logan over ‘ruined’ Olympics
Former ‘GMB’ presenter lamented the event’s lack of fans, Covid-enforced drop-outs and off-field scandals

皮尔斯·摩根 is at the centre of a row over the 东京奥运会, after he tweeted that this year’s event has been “ruined” because of the pandemic.

Sports presenters Gabby LoganGary Lineker challenged the former 早安英国 host on Twitter after he posted: “Nobody cares about these Covid-ravaged Olympics. I feel incredibly sorry for all the athletes still trying to live their Olympic dream, but that is the harsh reality. And the great champions like @adam_peaty know it. It should have been either further postponed or cancelled.”

Morgan’s tweet came on a day that Team GB have been raking in gold medals, from swimmer Adam Peaty to divers Tom Daly and Matty Lee and cyclist Tom Pidcock.

Logan, who has been reporting on the Tokyo Games for the BBC, hit back with: “I think you are wrong Piers. I think some people do care. You might not, but I don’t think you speak for everyone.”

To which Morgan replied: “Tanking TV ratings (33yr low in US) sadly suggest most people don’t. I say this with nothing but sadness as I normally love the Olympics. But the lack of fans, Covid-enforced drop-outs, off-field scandals, & host nation public fury due to health threat has ruined it.”

BBC sport presenter Gary weighed in as he tweeted to Morgan: “You’re wrong on this one. It’s exhilarating, uplifting and inspiring. Exactly what’s needed in these most depressing of times.”

Morgan then retaliated, 写作: “Jugs, you find opening a crisp packet uplifting & inspiring. It’s great to see @TeamGB athletes win Gold medals, not least so we can stop pretending Bronze is an achievement worthy of national celebration, but let’s be honest – these Olympics are just not the same without fans.”

Morgan recently tested positive for Covid-19, which he believes he caught at London’s Wembley Stadium during the Euros final earlier this month.


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