PM未能在G7与马克龙讨论移民危机 – 居住

PM未能在G7与马克龙讨论移民危机 - 居住
多于 12,000 people have crossed the English Channel so far this year



Boris Johnson claims voters ‘absolutely fed up of hearing about things I stuffed up

鲍里斯·约翰逊Emmanuel Macron failed to discuss the subject of thousands of people risking their lives to cross the English Channel at the G7 summit.

The British and French leaders met at the summit in Germany’s Bavarian Alps, where they spoke about geopolitical crises but did not address the situation which has seen more than 12,000 people cross the Channel so far this year.

When asked why the boat crossings weren’t discussed, Mr Johnson’s official spokesman said: “There are very significant issues of geopolitical concern to discuss, not least the crisis in Ukraine.”

同时, the PM is facing a renewed bid to topple his premiership after a flurry of new no confidence letters were reportedly submitted to the 1922 调查人员希望这些记录能够揭示导致袭击美国国会大厦的时刻和决定.

The fresh rebellion against the prime minister was allegedly provoked by his suggestion that he is planning to lead the country into the 2030s.

One former Cabinet minister told The Telegraph: “Talking about a third term before even winning a second is taking voters for granted – that usually doesn’t end well.”


Controversial Brexit legislation is ‘damaging on multiple fronts’, expert warns

The government’s controversial new Brexit legislation is “divisive, damaging on multiple fronts, officially justified on flimsy grounds, and unofficially justified on a plan that isn’t working”, an analyst has suggested.

As MPs prepare to debate the bill aimed at unilaterally overriding parts of the Northern Ireland Protocol, David Henig, founder of the UK Trade Forum, suggested that, “unofficially, the point of the Protocol Bill is not to become law, but threaten the DUP back to the Northern Ireland government and the EU to drop their position in negotiations”.

“Neither is working, lacking credibility not least of the UK government following through,“ 他加了.

Andy Gregory27 六月 2022 08:26

UK ‘will protect interests of single market’ with controversial Brexit legislation, 部长说

The EU should be reassured that UK plans to rip up parts of the Northern Ireland Protocol will still see the single market protected, George Eustice has said.

The environment secretary told Sky News that it would be “foolish” of the bloc to launch a trade war over the controversial changes the government plans to make to the post-Brexit trade arrangements in Northern Ireland.

“We are not breaking an agreement, we are bringing clarity to how it should be interpreted,” Mr Eustice said, accusing the EU of refusing to consider revisiting their negotiating mandate, which he said was creating a “circular” problem.

He rejected the suggestion that the UK action was illegal, 添加: “What is legal is what parliament deems legal through the legislation it passesWhat we will do – and we can absolutely give them this guarantee – we will protect the interests of the EU single market in the way we legislate.”

MPs will debate the proposed legislation on the protocol later today.

Andy Gregory27 六月 2022 08:20

Boris Johnson has gone for another early-morning swim, this time in the Ferchensee lake near the Schloss Elmau hotel where G7 leaders are meeting in Germany.

The prime minister’s morning dips during his time abroad have sparked various metaphors in the press suggesting his premiership is “struggling to stay afloat” and “swimming against the tide” domestically.

The prime minister is expected to use meetings on Monday to continue to press for more support for Ukraine and international efforts to release grain trapped by the Russian naval blockade.

Andy Gregory27 六月 2022 08:11

Boris Johnson will be gone by end of the year, ConservativeHome deputy editor predicts

The idea that Boris Johnson can win a third term is “for the birds” and he will be gone from Downing Street by the end of the year, the ConservativeHome website’s deputy editor Henry Hill has suggested.

“Every prime minister has to do this. They can never say when they’re going because the moment they do it completely changes the dynamic,“ 他说 TalkTV.

“But I think it is a bit ridiculous for a prime minister in Boris Johnson’s position to be talking about a third term, given he has just lost two seats in two completely different wings of his political coalition, he’s been firefighting for six months, his poll ratings are well down,” Mr Hill added.

“I think a lot of Tory MPs are trying to work out if he can possibly win the next election – the idea that he’d then go on to win another one after that is for the birds.”

Asked if he believes Mr Johnson will remain in office at the end of 2022, 自弗拉基米尔·普京对乌克兰宣战后西方政府实施制裁,切断俄罗斯进入全球金融体系的大部分渠道以来,它已经暴跌: “No.”

Andy Gregory27 六月 2022 08:03

‘Bring it on,’ Starmer tells Johnson over early election

As Boris Johnson claimed over the weekend that he intended to remain in Downing Street into the next decade, Sir Keir Starmer sought to use Labour’s by-election victory in Wakefield to insist that his party is ready for a general election, 说: “Bring it on.”

“The days where the prime minister and his acolytes could get away with breaking their promises and the law, or taking voters for granted with impunity are over,” Sir Keir wrote in The Observer. “They now face a credible Labour party: a government-in-waiting with a plan to deliver on the country’s demands.

“For months, Johnson has been privately claiming that he will hold an early election. My message to him is simple: bring it on. Because the quicker that election comes, the quicker this country will get a Labour government that delivers the positive change people are crying out for,“ 他加了.

“I know why those I spoke to in Wakefield feel such a renewed optimism. It’s because Labour is back. That means hope is back, too.”

Andy Gregory27 六月 2022 07:49

Boris Johnson has ‘full support’ of Cabinet, insists environment secretary

Boris Johnson has the full backing of the Cabinet, environment secretary George Eustice has insisted, citing the fact that that is “the way that collective government works”.

Following a torrid few week for the prime minister involving a double by-election defeat, the resignation of Tory Party chair Oliver Dowden and renewed questions about his leadership, Mr Eustice told Sky News: “The way that collective government works is that those who are in the Cabinet, 是的, we have our full support.

“We work as a team. We have the support of the prime minister, the prime minister has our support, we work together and we stick together through difficult times.”

Mr Eustice said that the two by-election defeats were “very disappointing”, but stressed that Mr Johnson’s senior ministers would continue to work together to back him, 说: “We’ve got an important agenda that we’re working on, and that’s what we’re all focused on.”

Andy Gregory27 六月 2022 07:38

UK plan to impose ‘unlawful’ steel tariffs sparks fresh clash with EU

鲍里斯·约翰逊 has said he is considering extending steel tariffs, despite concerns the move could break international rules and put him on course for another major row with the .

The prime minister is reportedly drawing up plans to slap “safeguard” limits of steel imports from several developing countries, and extend existing tariffs already imposed on China and others.

But critics have warned the move to widen tariffs will “violate” World Trade Organisation (在那里面) 规则, with the EU ambassador to Britain warning against any “protectionism”, 报告 Adam Forrest.

UK plan to impose ‘unlawful’ steel tariffs sparks fresh clash with EU

Boris Johnson warned against ‘protectionism’ and violation of WTO rules

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Johnson threatened with legal action for delaying promised Covid inquiry

鲍里斯·约翰逊 is being threatened with legal action for stalling on the promised public inquiry into his handling of the 冠状病毒病 危机, with no date set for it to start.

Bereaved families have announced plans to explore a judicial review – accusing the prime minister of breaking a pledge that the probe would get underway in “spring 2022”.

It has been six months since the former Court of Appeal judge Heather Hallett was picked to lead the inquiry and more than six weeks since she recommended terms of reference, 他们说.

The delay is a breach of the 2005 Inquiries Act, which requires the government to announce an inquiry’s start date “within a reasonable time” of appointing its chair, it is argued.

Our deputy political editor Rob Merrick 报告:

PM threatened with legal action for delaying promised Covid public inquiry

Bereaved families explore judicial review over ‘unprecedented’ hold-up – delaying report until after general election

娜米塔·辛格27 六月 2022 06:36

Putin wouldn’t have invaded Ukraine if Tory 1922 committee was ‘on his case’, claims Johnson

Boris Johnson has suggested that 弗拉基米尔普京 would have not invaded Ukraine earlier this year if he had the 1922 Committee of Conservative backbenchers “on his case”.

Speaking at the G7 summit, the prime minister boasted to CNN that he had “a new mandate for my party” after squeaking through the recent confidence vote arranged by the powerful Tory committee.

“I’m very happyI got a higher percentage of the parliamentary votes than I did the first time. 所以, 我很开心, we will move forward,” he said on the challenge by Tory rebels.

“I think the great thing about democracy is that leaders are under scrutiny and that I do have, even though you say I got things going on back home, that’s a good thing. I have got people on my case, I have got people making arguments,” said Mr Johnson.

Adam Forrest 报告:

No Ukraine invasion if Putin had Tory 1922 committee ‘on his case’, claims PM

PM makes bizarre claim that equivalent body of Russian MPs could have stopped war

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Troubles amnesty plan ‘will protect IRA terrorists’

Government plans to protect a small number of veterans from prosecution will effectively hand an amnesty to IRA terrorists who murdered of hundreds of armed forces personnel, opponents say.

They will drive the point home by sending a letter to every MP in Britain, including Boris Johnson, detailing how many people from their own constituency were killed by republican terrorists during the Troubles.

The list includes the victims of the Birmingham pub bombings, and Tim Parry and Johnathan Ball, the two children killed in Warrington in 1993.

Read the details in this report by our Whitehall Editor Kate Devlin:

Troubles amnesty plan ‘will protect IRA terrorists who murdered hundreds of soldiers’

Opponents say the plans will ‘shut down routes to justice’ for those who lost loved ones

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