PM says Putin would not have started Ukraine war if he were a woman – ライブフォロー

PM says Putin would not have started Ukraine war if he were a woman - ライブフォロー
Johnson calls the Ukraine attack a ‘perfect example of toxic masculinity’



Boris Johnson condemns Putin’s ‘barbarism’ after shopping centre missile strike

ボリス・ジョンソン has said Russian president ウラジーミル・プーチン would not have started the “クレイジー, machowar in ウクライナ if he were a woman.

Calling the attack a “perfect example of toxic masculinity”, インクルード 首相 batted for “more women in positions of power”.

The prime minister also said that while G7 リーダー “desperatelywant the war in Ukraine to end, there isno deal available”.

Mr Johnson also had a “frank” exchange with アルゼンチンの社長 Alberto Fernandez about the British sovereignty of the Falkland Islands at the G7 conference.

The PM shared his displeasure that the subject was raised when the leaders met at the margins of the summit in ドイツ shortly after the 40th anniversary of the war over the South Atlantic islands.

Asked if he was disappointed Mr Fernandez had brought up British control, ジョンソン氏は記者団に語った: “Yeah”, before saying he had offered a reminder that the matter was settled.


全文: PM says Putin would not have started Ukraine war if he was a woman

Boris Johnson has claimed that Vladimir Putin would not have launched his “crazy, macho” attack on Ukraine if he were a woman, Adam Forrest reports:

The prime minister said the Russian president was a “perfect example of toxic masculinity” as he joined Nato leaders in Madrid to discuss a radical overhaul of the western defence alliance.

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UK defence secretary says more funding needed as ‘world less secure’ now

The UK’s defence secretary has reiterated his call for increased defence spending to counter the threat from Russia.

Ben Wallace said he had enough funding for the “here and now” but extra investment was needed in the next government spending round from the middle of the decade.

“My settlement was done before Russia invaded Ukraine. Russia is very, very dangerous on the world stage. The world is less secure than it was two, three years ago and is not looking likely to change for the rest of the decade,」彼はスカイニュースに語った.

“That is the moment, in the middle of the decade, to say we should commit to increased funding.”


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Government to publish White Paper on gambling reform

The government has said it will publish a White Paper into gambling reform in coming weeks.

The prime minister is set to announce restrictions on the industry as part of the review of the 2005 Gambling Act amid concerns current regulations require changes to accommodate the growth of online betting.

タイムズ reported proposals to prohibit gambling companies from shirt sponsorship were set to be rejected in favour of reaching a voluntary agreement with プレミアリーグ クラブ, while also keeping the option of legislation in reserve.


Government to publish White Paper on gambling reform in coming weeks

Moves to stop gambling companies from shirt sponsorship were set to be rejected.

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‘Help needed to back quality care for patients’

Continuity of care is becoming increasingly difficult to deliver as intense GP workloads now amount to the “most worrying crisis in decades,” according to a medical leader.

教授 Martin Marshall, the chair of the Royal College of GPS (RCGP), believes the bond between a GP and their patient is based on trust, often built over time, and is under threat.

He is set to tell the RCGP annual conference in ロンドン that the challenges GPs face in having the time to try to really get to know their patients pose an “existential threat” to patient care and to the future of general practice in the UK.

Read this report for more:

Help needed to back quality care for patients amid GP workloads, leaders say

Professor Martin Marshall, chair of the Royal College of GPs, believes the bond between GP and patient is based on trust but is under threat.

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Nadine Dorries urges trans athlete ban in women’s elite sport

Culture secretary ナディン・ドリーズ has told British sporting bodies they must follow swimming’s lead and ensure women’s sport is reserved “for people born of the female sex”.

Ms Dorries told representives from football, クリケット, ラグビー, テニス, athletics and other sports on Tuesday afternoon that it was “inherently unfair” for woman to compete against someone who was born biologically male.

She urged the sporting bodies to follow to lead of Fina, who announced that athletes who had been through any part of male puberty would be barred from elite female competition.

Sport is for everyone, no matter where you’ve come from in life. It allows people to come together and perform on a level playing field, based upon basic fairness and the integrity of competition.


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Nadine Dorries urges trans athlete ban in women’s elite sport

Nadine Dorries said it was ‘inherently unfair’ for woman to compete against someone who was born biologically male

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Stella Creasy moves to make abortion a human right in British Bill of Rights

Stella Creasy has said she will table an amendment to the British Bill of Rights to establish women’s access to 中絶 as a human right.

The Labour MP for Walthamstow told 独立者 abortion rights in the UK are “more fragile than people realise” as she warned many Britons are unaware abortion is still criminalised in this country.

Ms Creasy’s announcement comes after the US Supreme Court 転覆 ロー対ウェイド事件the landmark decision that legalised abortion nationwide in 1973.

Our women’s correspondent Maya Oppenheim レポート:

Stella Creasy moves to make abortion a human right in British Bill of Rights

Labour MP warns abortion rights in UK are ‘more fragile than people realise’

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Johnson asks Nato allies to step up spending

Boris Johnson will call on それで allies to step up their defence spending in the face of the ロシア 脅威, despite a scathing attack from his own defence secretary ベンウォーレス on the UK’s “smoke and mirrors” military budget.

The prime minister said he would “leverage” Britain’s military spending to “drive greater commitments from other people” ahead of crucial talks with fellow Nato leaders at a summit in Madrid.

But Mr Wallace said UK forces had for too long survived on “a diet of smoke and mirrors, hollowed-out formations and fantasy savings” – after calling for the PM to commit to a 20 per cent spending increase.

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Boris Johnson asks Nato allies to ‘step up’ spending amid row with Ben Wallace

PM wants ‘greater commitments’ from allies – but defence secretary wants greater commitment from No 10 and Treasury

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Labour accuses Gove of acting like ‘Grant Shapps tribute act’

労働党 リサ・ナンディー will accuse levelling up secretary マイケル・ゴーブ of behaving like “a Grant Shapps tribute act” as she warns the government is putting its head in the sand over the crisis facing essential public services.

Ms Nandy will on Wednesday warn that there is “a perfect storm looming on the horizon” as local councils struggle to cope with the cost pressures imposed by high inflation.

Her comments come after the Local Government Association warned of cuts to services such as bin collections, pothole repairs and adult care as soaring energy prices and inflation drain £3.6bn from annual budgets over the next few years.

私たちの政治編集者 アンドリュー・ウッドコック レポート:

Labour accuses Gove of ignoring ‘perfect storm’ threat to local services

Local authorities warn of £3.6bn black hole due to soaring costs

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Healthcare to undergo ‘digital revolution’ under government plan

People across the UK will get better access to their NHS records and receive messages from their GP on their phone as part of government plans to digitise healthcare.

The plan for digital health and social care, published on Wednesday, also sets out how patients will be able to manage hospital appointments, 本 COVID vaccines and have virtual consultations through the NHS app by March 2023.

さらに 500,000 people are to use remote monitoring to keep an eye on their conditions from home, which will free up hospital beds and frontline workers’ time, the Department of Health and Social Care (DHSC) 前記.

Read the details in this report:

Healthcare to undergo ‘digital revolution’ under Government plan

Patients will receive faster and more personalised care thanks to an expanded use of technology, according to the proposals.

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Delays to multibillion pound restoration of parliament criticised in report

A unilateral decision by parliamentary authorities to rip up plans for the restoration of the Palace of Westminster could result in billions of pounds in extra costs, decades of delay and “extraordinary” health and safety risks, a spending watchdog’s report has warned.

The report by the Commons public accounts committee said there was “no justification” for the decision by the Commissions which run the Houses of Commons and Lords to abolish a sponsor body set up just three years ago to oversee the massive project and instead seek to do the job themselves.

The shock decision in February derailed the sponsor body’s plans finally to present a business case for the works in 2023, より多い 20 years after the renovation of the crumbling Victorian landmark was first discussed, reports our political editor アンドリュー・ウッドコック.

Delays to multibillion pound restoration of parliament criticised in report

House authorities accused of ‘wrecking’ plans to get work under way after more than 20 years of discussions

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