Polícia nega novos rumores sobre DNA de restos mortais descobertos de Brian Laundrie – Mais recentes

Polícia nega novos rumores sobre DNA de restos mortais descobertos de Brian Laundrie - Mais recentes
Has Brian Laundrie been found? FBI confirma a identidade dos restos mortais


'Ossos’ encontrados na reserva North Port pertencem a Brian Laundrie: FBI

Authorities have admitted that they mistook Brian Laundrie’s mother for the young, male fugitive, leading North Port Police Chief Todd Garrison to erroneously claim he knew where he was located during a press conference in September.

Enquanto isso, Steven Bertolino, the lawyer for Chris and Roberta Laundrie, hit back at the police department, saying they never should have lost track of Mr Laundrie in the first place.

He also said Mr Laundrie will be cremated without a funeral. His parents acknowledged the death of their son in a short and unemotional statement, released through their lawyer, and asked for privacy.

The Petito-Schmidt family attorney, Rick Stafford, have said they would not make any statements on the identification of Gabby Petito’s former fiance until they’re “emotionally ready”.

The FBI confirmed Mr Laundrie’s remains through dental records, suggesting he had been dead for a significant period of time before his remains were found. His belongings, which include a notebook and a backpack, were described as “salvageable” and may yet provide further clues.


Police say ‘very good possibility’ Brian Laundrie was dead when they misidentified mother

North Port police do not believe that the confusion they made in confusing Brian Laundrie with his mother had any major impact on the investigation.

“Other than confusion, it likely changed nothing. There is a very good possibility that Brian was already deceased," ele disse. “He still needed to be found,” North Port Public Information Officer Josh Taylor told WFLA.

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Petition asks Governor Ron DeSantis to investigate North Port police

The online petition at Change.org asks Mr DeSantis to launch an official probe into the North Port Police Department and has received more than 1,000 assinaturas.

The petition was seemingly launched by the Facebook group called “Gabby’s Safe Haven 2.0” and is asking for a review of the department’s handling of the case.

“I would like to request a formal internal investigation into the missing person and person of interest in Gabby Petito’s death, Brian Laundrie’s case. Specifically the handling of the case by the North Port Police Department, City of North Port Public Information Officer Josh Taylor and North Port Police Chief Todd Garrison. The inconsistencies that the public has recieved [sic] in this case is beyond baffling, even before Gabby Petito was offically reported missing,” the petition states.

Graeme Massie27 Outubro 2021 02:00

Laundrie family lawyer says cause of death report could take three weeks

Steven Bertolino says that a report on the exact cause of Brian Laundrie’s death could take up to three weeks, according to WPBF25 reporter Jossie Carbonare.

“Steven Bertolino, Brian Laundrie family attorney tells me the medical examiner has no info at this time to share because it is still an open investigation, however he says he was told we can expect a report on the cause of death in 2 para 3 semanas,”Ela tuitou.

Graeme Massie26 Outubro 2021 23:45

Opinião: A família de Brian Laundrie merece privacidade?

Brian Laundrie’s family has asked for privacy to mourn the loss of their son after weeks of media attention and chiding by protesters camped outside their house.

But do they deserve that privacy?

Austin Sarat gives his perspective in The Independent’s Voices section, exploring the aftermath of a murder on the families of the perpetrators. Mr Laundrie has not been charged with murder, but many people have treated his family as though he has.

A família de Brian Laundrie merece privacidade?

Famílias de suspeitos de crimes terríveis pagam seu próprio preço. Como disse o pai de um assassino, _ Ninguém está interessado em ouvir que havia algo remotamente bom sobre um assassino, então você é soldado em uma batalha privada sem simpatia pública "

Graig Graziosi26 Outubro 2021 21:56

The sad, twisting saga of Gabby Petito and Brian Laundrie – and what it tells us about America

The Gabby Petito case captivated America for two months, culminating with the revelation that both Ms Petito and her boyfriend, Brian Laundrie, were dead.

The Independent’s Andrew Buncombe retraces the story and examines what Americans’ fascination with the story says about our culture.

Read more below

The sad saga of Gabby Petito and Brian Laundrie – and what it tells us about America

Many questions remain unanswered, but the case is a tragedy for all concerned, writes Andrew Buncombe

Graig Graziosi26 Outubro 2021 21:28

North Port police confirm no DNA matching has been done on Brian Laundrie’s remains, but confirm dental record match

North Port police confirmed in a Twitter post that Brian Laundrie was identified using dental records which matched those of the skull found in the Carlton Reserve on 20 Outubro.

The department’s post confirmed that no DNA analysis was done to match the skull to Mr Laundrie. The post was made in response to erroneous social media reports claiming that the DNA from the skull did not match Mr Laundrie.

DNA analysis will be performed after the medical examiner’s office has concluded its investigation.

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Brian Laundrie’s parents return from private mourning trip to their home in North Port

Brian Laundrie’s parents have returned from a private trip to mourn their son. Mr Laundrie’s parents, including their daughter Cassie, went somewhere in Florida to mourn their son away from the public and the press.

The couple returned to their home in North Port, where the press and a small group of protesters have been camped out for weeks.

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Still no word on whether or not remains found in Yucca Valley are missing woman Lauren Cho

There is still no word on whether or not remains found in Yucca Valley, Califórnia, earlier this month are missing woman Lauren Cho.

Sra. Cho, 30, disappeared on 28 June after walking into the California desert. Human remains were located on 9 October in Yucca Valley, but a coroner examining the remains said they have not concluded whether or not the remains are those of Ms Cho.

The coroner said they hope to have answers soon.

Graig Graziosi26 Outubro 2021 19:02

Laundrie family attorney defends clients from North Port police finger-pointing

Steven Bertolino, the lawyer representing the Laundrie family, shot back at the North Port police after a spokesman suggested it was the family’s fault Brian Laundrie managed to slip away into the Carlton Reserve.

The spokesman said the family’s lack of cooperation prevented them from ensuring Mr Laundrie was at his home. He said that officers mistook his mother, Roberta, for him, while she was driving his silver Mustang. That error resulted in North Port Police Chief Todd Garrison erroneously telling reporters that he knew where Mr Laundrie was located.

“I concur with Mr. Taylor that Brian may have already been deceased when NPPD realized that they “lost track” of him. However you can’t blame the family because the police didn’t know enough to follow someone they were obviously surveilling.” Mr Bertolino said in response.

Graig Graziosi26 Outubro 2021 18:14

Social media conspiracy theorists like Brian Laundrie’s “escape” to “You” season three

Some social media conspiracy theorists have claimed that Brian Laundrie is still alive, invoking Netflix’s “You” as a possible explanation for how he managed to escape the Carlton Reserve despite his skeletal remains being found in the swamp.

“You” is a show about a serial killer stalking, isolating, and sometimes killing a woman that he becomes infatuated with over the course of a season. While the recently released third season of the show does include a storyline about a missing woman and the media frenzy around trying to find her, the conspiracy theorists are more concerned with the show’s finale.

In the show’s season three finale, the protagonist, Joe, kills his equally homicidal wife, after she tries to paralyze him. Knowing he’ll be hunted for the rest of his life if his wife disappears, he amputates two of his toes and leaves them in his house, which he then sets ablaze before escaping to Paris. The conspiracy theorists are suggesting that perhaps the Laundriesor Mr Laundrie himselfactually planted the remains in the Carlton Reserve and used the assumption of his death to disappear. Police found parts of Mr Laundrie’s skull in the swamp, meaning it is extraordinarily unlikely he planted the remains himself.

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