Police hunt for ‘armed and dangerous’ 14-year-old suspected of triple murder

Police hunt for ‘armed and dangerous’ 14-year-old suspected of triple murder
Details of juvenile suspect realeased in light of ‘potential risk to the public’

An “armed and dangerous” 14-year-old male is on the run from 德克萨斯州 authorities after he allegedly carried out the fatal 射击 of three Latino teenagers at a convenience store in a 达拉斯 suburb.

The Garland 警察 Department (GPD) said in an announcement on Wednesday that Abel Elias Acosta had been identified as the shooting suspect behind the three deaths on Sunday.

Three Latino teenagers, 老龄化 14 至 17, were killed in the incident at a convenience store in Garland County, the GPD said. A 15-year-old boy was also injured.

Although the suspect has so far evaded authorities, his father Richard Acosta turned himself in on Monday, the GPD said. 作为 美国全国广播公司新闻 报道, he is suspected of having transported his son to and from the shooting.

Detectives believe Acosta is evading and hiding from authorities, and asked for members of the public to assist in its search. The 14-year-old was also described as “armed and dangerous”.

Abel Elias Acosta, 14

“It is typically not the practice of the Garland Police Department to release juvenile information,” the department said on Wednesday, “but due to the nature of the offense and potential risk to the public, the court has authorised the release of his information.”

If found and convicted, he faces “the charge of Capital Murder for the shooting death of the three teenagers,” it was said. Such a sentence could lead to life imprisonment.

He was described as “as a light-skinned Hispanic male with dark hair, brown eyes, approximately 5’ 05” in height, and weighing around 125 pounds.”