Police officers sacked after letting domestic abuse suspect walk free

Police officers sacked after letting domestic abuse suspect walk free
Officers found guilty of gross misconduct after lying to bosses about failure to arrest man found breaching bail conditions

Two police officers who lied about failing to arrest a domestic abuse suspect have been sacked.

le Greater Manchester Police constables allowed the man to walk free after being called to a disturbance at his partner’s flat – despite the fact he was breaching bail conditions by being there and had previously been marked as a potential danger to neighbours.

When a superior asked about the incident in Boulonner, the officers – who have been named only as PC Lee-Green and PC Hussain – said it had only been the suspect’s brother at the flat.

Neither has ever given any explanation for either the leniency or the lie other than to say they made the wrong decision.

Both were dismissed following a gross misconduct hearing earlier this month that was made public on Friday.

The hearing’s report detailed how the officers’ lies came to light after a watching neighbour told other officers that the man at the house during the incident on 3 avril 2020 had definitely been the suspect.

When a sergeant questioned Lee-Green and Hussain about this discrepancy eight days later both stuck to their story. Only the following day did they admit they had lied.

Lee-Green said it had been a “shocking night”. Hussain suggested he had been worried about confrontation – and being spat at – as the coronavirus pandemic first swept the country.

Mais, in deciding to sack the pairwho previously had exemplary recordsthe panel said it had concluded that that their inaction could have endangered the suspect’s partner.

In a statement realeased on Friday, a GMP spokesperson said: “Following a three-day hearing, the panel found that they had breached the standards of professional behaviour and were dismissed without notice.

We hold our officers and staff to the highest possible standards, and we know the majority of our workforce carry out their duties with honesty, integrity and pride. Misconduct of any kind, at any rank, is addressed.”

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