Police protect mobile vaccine units after anti-vaxxers harass staff and public

Police protect mobile vaccine units after anti-vaxxers harass staff and public
Police received intelligence that more disturbances were being planned

Police officers have been stationed at vaccination buses across North London after anti-vaxxers moved to prevent people from receiving the vaccine and also harassed staff.

The Metropolitan Police confirmed the move this week after individuals became “increasingly volatile” to NHS staff administering the vaccine in the mobile vaccine centres.

In a tweet, Willesden MPS wrote: “Due to individuals becoming increasingly volatile to NHS staff and trying to prevent members of the public taking the vaccine we are now conducting static patrols beside NHS vaccine buses.”

A spokesperson from the Metropolitan Police said no staff were physically harmed during the disturbances.

“According to NHS staff on scene small groups of anti vaxxers had been attending the location and verbally discouraging/harassing those waiting to have the vaccine,” the spokesperson said.

“We are currently conducting static patrols around the NHS buses to prevent further disturbance from occurring,” they added.

The vaccination buses were first launched in Brent, north west London in April this year to tackle vaccine hesitation in the borough.

The buses are stationed in local areas where vaccine take-up is low offering residents an opportunity to be immunised against coronavirus and also discuss personal concerns around the vaccine.

Councillor Neil Nerva, Brent’s Cabinet Member for Public Health, Culture and Leisure said: “We are grateful for the support of the local police. It is important that everyone has the right to make the choice to protect themselves and those around them by getting the vaccine without being prevented from doing so, and that NHS and council key workers are not subject to abuse or intimidation.

“We thank the police and the community for their support.”


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