Police reveal hidden cameras at Laundrie home – ライブフォロー

Police reveal hidden cameras at Laundrie home - ライブフォロー
ブライアンランドリーが見つかりましたか? FBIは遺体の身元を確認します


'骨格’ ノースポート保護区で見つかったのはブライアンランドリーに属しています: FBI

Skeletal human remains found inside the Myakkahatchee Creek Environmental Park were confirmed to be those of Brian Laundrie. The bones were found a day earlier near where a backpack and notebook belonging to Mr Laundrie were in the swamp.

His parents Chris and Roberta Laundrie acknowledged the death in a short and unemotional statement, released through their lawyer Steven Bertolino, asking for privacy.

Mr Bertolino wrote on behalf of the Laundrie’s: “We have no further comment at this time and we ask that you respect the Laundrie’s privacy at this time.”

The Petito-Schmidt family attorney Rick Stafford said they would not make any statements on the identification of Gabby Petito’s former fiance until they’re “emotionally ready”.

FBIは、歯科記録を通じてランドリー氏の遺体を確認しました, 彼の遺体が発見される前に彼がかなりの期間死んでいたことを示唆している.

It was revealed earlier that the remains found were bones and that it might take some time to make a positive identification.

彼の持ち物, which include a notebook, where however described as “salvageable” and may yet provide further clues.

“A comparison of dental records confirmed that the human remains found at the T Mabry Carlton Jr Memorial Reserve and Myakkahatchee Creek Environmental Park are those of Brian Laundrie,” investigators said in a statement.

Police in North Port, フロリダ, have meanwhile confirmed to a number of outlets that surveillance cameras had been installed around the Laundrie family home before and after his disappearance last month.


Laundrie’s remains sent to anthropologist

An autopsy on the remains of ブライアン・ランドリー were inconclusive, according to his family’s attorney, and will now be sent to an anthropologist for further examination.

The body of the missing 23-year-old was found on Wednesday by investigators looking with his family in Carlton Reserve, a 25,000 acre wildlife park in フロリダ.

It was confirmed as being Mr Laundrie a day later, with family attorney Steven Bertolino telling 狐 13 and other outlets that an autopsy failed to find an official cause of death.

His remains, which North Port police described as “bones”, will now be sent to an anthropologist for further examination, Mr Bertolino said.

Brian Laundrie autopsy fails to establish cause of death

Family of 23-year-old await further clues as to how he died

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Lawyer disputes claims of parents-police cooperation

スティーブンベルトリーノ, ブライアンランドリーの家族を代表する弁護士, has denied claims that his parents cooperated with investigators in the search for his body.

インタビューで NBCニュース 木曜日に, Mr Bertolino also said he had “no reason to believe” that Mr Laundrie’s parents would be charged with crimes.

North Port police, その間, have said the area where the body was found was underwater before this week.

“John Q Public can’t get it through their head that this area was inaccessible and that the items located yesterday perhaps couldn’t be seen,” Mr Berolino said. He called the theories “ludicrous” and “nonsensical.”

Laundrie attorney denies deal with FBI and insists parents not facing charges

The attorney said he was “a little bit angry” about conspiracy theories claiming the Laundries planted items in the Carlton Reserve

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What does the Petito murder tells us about America today?

多くの質問は未回答のままです, しかし、事件は関係者全員にとって悲劇です, writes The Independent’s Andrew Buncombe


多くの質問は未回答のままです, しかし、事件は関係者全員にとって悲劇です, AndrewBuncombeが書いています

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How did Laundrie’s parents help search?

Dozens have asked how Brian Laundrie’s parents able to achieve what investigators could not, after they led police to a site near his body on Wednesday.

なので The Independent’s Bevan Hurley writes, the same location where belongings of Mr Laundrie’s were found had been pored over by highly-trained FBI, police and sheriff’s search teams with cadaver dogs just a month earlier.

Police and Steven Bertolino, the lawyer for Mr Laundrie’s family, have dismissed the findings as coincidental — with the park only reopening to the public on Wednesday, when his parents asked to accompany investigators.

How were Brian Laundrie’s remains found by his parents in a few hours?

Brian Laundrie’s parents told law enforcement where to look, how did they miss it?

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Ex-NYPD chief questions search

A former NYPD chief has been among those to question how investigators failed to locate the body of Brian Laundrie, before his parents joined the search on Wednesday.

Former NYPD chief of cetectives Robert Boyce told ABC 7’s eyewitness news that he thought something about the case was “amiss”, and that “There are just too many strange turns that Chris and Roberta Laundrie haven’t been involved in it to not believe that something is amiss here.”

“The day the park reopens, they go into this specific areaThey go to this exact spot and they find the backpack and they identify the backpack from what I understand and the notebook in this particular area, so it’s quite strange.”

Police and the Laundrie family lawyer have dismissed any claims as unfounded, and told reporters this week: “It just so happened that that’s where Brian was, sSo my thought would be anybody who’s questioning that is not too bright.”

“The public doesn’t understand simplicity,” added the lawyer.

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Locals say alligators live where Brian Laundrie was found

Locals near the Carlson Reserve where Brian Laundrie’s body was discovered on Wednesday, is home to wild animals including alligators and “evil” pigs.

“There won’t be much for the coroner to work on,” a resident was quoted as saying in an interview. “Nature doesn’t waste anything.”

It comes amid concerns that investigators found the remains of Mr Laundrie in water, and an autopsy on Friday failed to determine a cause of death.

インデペンデント Stuti Mishra has the latest

Locals reveal spot where Brian Laundrie remains found is full of ‘evil’ wild pigs

Locals say the reserve is full of hungry wetland creatures

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Police were watching Laundrie home from a trash can, neighbour claims

A neighbour of Brian Laundrie’s family has claimed that police put a hidden camera in his bin as early as 11 9月, when he returned from a road trip without fiancé Gaby Petito.

The home owner, who remained anyonomous, 言った 太陽 that the camera was installed so that the Laundrie home could be watched from across the street, via camera.

North Police police later confirmed to a reporter for News Nation Now that surveillance cameras were installed both before and after Mr Laundrie was reported missing on 13 9月. His fiancé’s body was discovered days later in Wyoming.

“That’s why this is so frustrating,’” the neighbour said of his disappearance. “There was a camera in the front (of the Laundrie home) and one in the back, so how did this happen? Was he already gone?」

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Lawyer refuses to comment on Laundrie’s last conversation with parents

スティーブンベルトリーノ, the lawyer for Brian Laundrie’s family, could not comment on whether or not the 23-year-old had spoken about his fiancé, ギャビープチト, to his parents before his death.

“Not something I can comment on right now. I’d like to just leave it at that”, 前記 Steven Bertolino on Friday morning — as Mr Laundrie’s parents awaited an autopsy that failed to find a cause of death.

“Brian had been extremely upset, Chris and Roberta were extremely concerned about him, they expressed that to me,” Mr Bertolino told Good Morning America. He also defend the parents, who he said had worked with officials since “day one”.

Mr Laundrie reportedly went missing on 13 9月, a matter of days before the body of his fiancé was located in Wyoming. His cause of death, その間, remains unknown.

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The last photo of Laundrie and Petito together

A photographer who was on holiday in Utah in August has revealed images he unknowingly took of Gaby Petito and Brian Laundrie together on 10 8月, weeks before they went missing and died.

The photographer was with his wife when they encountered the pair, who allegedly nodded to them and offered advice on climbing down a steep slope.

“They stood out because they had the ‘van life’ look to them, and I remember feeling envious because they seemed like enthusiasts,” the photographer told フォックス・ニュース.

インデペンデント Helen Elfer reports

Last candid picture of Petito and Laundrie emerges

A photographer captured the pair exploring in Utah

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K9 handler asks why dogs didn’t find remains sooner

A K-9 handler has disputed the timeline and search for Brian Laundrie’s body after it was located on Wednesday in an area previously submerged by water, in what was labelled “suspicious”.

Kyle Heyen, the dog handler, 言った ニューズウィーク that “If the body was there at that time X weeks ago, and if it’s the same dog and the same quality of dog or the same quality of training, they should have found him.”

Mr Heyen, a former police officer, added that cadaver dogs are able to smell through water, but admitted that it was unclear what dogs were used to search for Mr Laundrie.

Even if a cadaver dog can detect an odour, it can often be difficult for law enforcement to find the source — with winds carrying odours in different directions.

North Port police, その間, have dismissed allegations that the finding of Mr Laundrie’s body was in any way “suspicious”, with floodwater covering the area until recently.

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